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Black Desert Online (B2P) 2 articles
  • Black Desert Online (B2P) Black Desert Online | Perspective of a Beta Player

    Hello! As written in the title, im a beta player; or more so Ive been playing the game since then. To get a better perspective of how long Ive been in the BDO community; my copy of this game was purchased on 12/13/15 15:44, this is the exact time and date as recorded by the official NA & EU Site. I...

  • Black Desert Online (B2P) Are you looking for an MMO?

    As a fan of plunging many hours away into a video game, I often find myself looking for something that makes me feel like those hours havent been wasted, a game that is rewarding for how much of your social life youve just given up. MMOs are a fantastic way of doing this: you complete quests, level...

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