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  • Naruto Online Naruto Online our once beloved story now a game.

    Naruto online is simple and fun, a game about the story of who else but Naruto, we get to play side by side with the main storyline as characters we pick, a game made by the same company that made SAOs Legend a great game with similar nature, but the fundamental story is different and i think thats...

  • Naruto Online Is it worth playing? (Naruto Online Review)

    Here we are talking about one of the big three Shounens to ever hit the anime industry, Naruto. Weve all been there, wanting to take the place of the main character and become the next Hokage, or Pirate king, but we all know thats only a dream. So whats the closest thing to it? Games, where we are p...

  • Naruto Online Naruto Online is... Good? No Really! Believe it!

    So Im gonna be very upfront, I never thought in all my years of gaming, Id be writing a review about a Naruto browser game [here on Bananatic], nor would I be giving it a high score. Naruto Online is actually a pretty good game. There, I said it, its an extremely competent game, is incredibly easy t...

  • Naruto Online Be the best ninja on Naruto Online

    Naruto Online has many good things and one of them is this game is an official game, so each character maintains the same design as in the original series and we can also notice that the soundtrack from this game has the original soundtrack from the series both in the fighting and in the starting ci...

  • Naruto Online Naruto Online (point of view)

    Naruto Online its nice game first appeared in 2012. The game revolves around events anime naruto,Where you choose character of Ninja,to help naruto and his friends,In accomplishing the tasks and overcoming the bad guys. I did not notice any cutting or problems in the game during the experience, know...

  • Naruto Online Naruto Online - I will be the Hokage !!

    Naruto Online is a game based on the anime series called Naruto. This is a game that can be played without the need to download any files since we can play it directly in Google Chrome. Naruto Online gives us the option to be part of the story of the Naruto series when starting the game we will have...

  • Naruto Online What Naruto Online Has Reduced Itself To

    Servers that arent within the range of the first 20 servers made or the newest ones created have no chance of survival. A fine example of this is the individual that went by the in-game name, Agarthor, who played on s168 had been one of the top spenders on the game Naruto Online. The server merges h...