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  • DOTA 2 About Dota2 (free video game)

    Hi every one , my name is noori , I came today to explain about the game of Dota 2 and to start discussing the topics of Dota 2 , and to explain everything side by side in various articles . I hope the content is interesting and amazing for you . Among todays games, there are games where one can com...

  • DOTA 2 dota 2 guide for new starters

    hi all dota 2 is an epic strategy game with 3D design and also a steam game, every match in dota 2 is taking 40 mins - 2 hours but it worth playing it . there are many heroes you can choose and test its all up to your strategy and skills to see if you can win the game :D. also you will need a good t...

  • DOTA 2 My experience and love for DOTA 2

    I believe that this game has very much to offer no matter what level of play youre at or how much you play it. It improves your communication and skills having to do with teamwork. In my time playing this game, Id have to say that I improved every game. I grew as a person and as a teammate through t...

  • DOTA 2 Dota 2 - Best Game Ever (Part 4)

    Ive made dozens of friendships through Dota 2 — I also wonder how many its ended. Ive been stuck in matches I knew I couldnt win for more than an hour. My longest match was two hours and six minutes (at least I won that one, and in an exhilarating and improbable comeback). But this is part of Dota 2...

  • DOTA 2 Dota 2 - Best Game Ever (Part 3)

    The greatest strength of Dota 2 is the sheer flexibility available to every player. A common refrain among Dota 2 players is "everything is situational," and this is true. Nothing is the right choice all of the time, and the games collection of items are there in large part to respond to the decisio...

  • DOTA 2 Dota 2 - Best Game Ever (Part 2)

    As this is all happening, AI-controlled minion creatures called creeps spawn from each base from a set of barracks in each lane, with radiant creeps making their way toward the dire base and vice versa. Each lane has three dire towers and three radiant towers, each of which must be destroyed in orde...

  • DOTA 2 Dota 2 - Best Game Ever (Part 1)

    According to Steam, I have spent 4,749 hours in Dota 2. For perspective, this is approximately 198 days, which is more than 28 weeks, and more than six months. Thats more than Ive played any other game, ever. Sometimes I wonder if its more than every other game combined, though that seems unlikely....

  • DOTA 2 DOTA 2 - Losing Potential Customers?

    First things first, I understand 100% that DOTA 2 is one of the top free games on Steam and has an enormous following. However, in recent years, similar games such as Smite and League of Legends have stayed even and passed the marquee title, so what changed. What do these other MOBAs have that have...

  • DOTA 2 Evolution Of The Best MOBA Of All Times

    Dota 2 is a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Player Arena) and is considered the Mother of all MOBAS since, it was developed from the map editor for Warcraft 3. Quickly the game was very well received by the community of gamers and spread quickly because its innovative mechanics and at the same time ea...

  • DOTA 2 Need help? Want advice? LEARN TO GET BETTER

    Hi guys! Before I start enjoy reading this guide, here is some background information of me. I am 18 Have been playing Dota 2 since release I have over 5000 hours. Current MMR is 5239 Favourite heroes are; Crystal Maiden; Anti Mage; Terror Blade; Riki; Wind Ranger; Sven; Venomancer; And Dark Seer. I...

  • DOTA 2 How successfully to Carry IO the Wisp

    Now as you would all know the best type of support is one who only carries and doesnt support, an ideal Io carry build would require you to get hands of Midas rush preferably with all the farm you get in lane given to you by your noob team. Then after that power treads and an armlet would ensure you...

  • DOTA 2 Review on DOTA 2

    This review will mainly consist of the fact on Heroes and Gameplay of the DOTA 2 world, which I generally think that are the most important aspects in the game. I personally think it is a great game for a Free to Play, but also can be frustrating and bounce back hard if you dont practice enough. Thi...