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Hi guys!
Before I start enjoy reading this guide, here is some background information of me.
I am 18
Have been playing Dota 2 since release
I have over 5000 hours.
Current MMR is 5239
Favourite heroes are;
Crystal Maiden;
Anti Mage;
Terror Blade;
Wind Ranger;
And Dark Seer.

I usually play carry in solo queue games and then a support in group partied games.
Mainly I *ASK* the team BEFORE I pick. THIS IS VITAL

Okay, so we can start.
You must be here in search to improve your performance in Dota 2.
Yes there are many guides out there but I'll put the my main points here that I think are the best way to improve and how I improved over the years of playing.
Just to note that improving in Dota 2 takes time and patience, it is not a skill you acquire over night and takes time to do so.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So where do we begin?
My first advice is patience, yes you have heard it many times and might of just skimmed over it, no you NEED it not skim over it. HAVE PATIENCE. The And this applies to many things, patience in learning the game, patience in your team mates, patience in rising your MMR.
Secondly, watch lots of videos regarding Dota 2. These can be anything from gameplay to tips and tricks, ill go into detail further on.
Thirdly, pick a hero and a selected bunch ranging from different roles. ie) Sven (carry or tank), Lion (support), BOunty Hunter (roamer), Lifestealer (Jungle). It is the most beneficial to master selected heroes. They say not to fear a man who has 3000 games over all heroes but to fear a man who has 3000 games as one hero.
Lastly, listen to your team mates and communicate. Do not rage at them, instead be calm, offer advice or take advice and then attempt to utilise that advice.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In dota 2 there are 3 lanes. Top (Solo offlaner, or a duo lane consisting of a tank and a heavy harasser) Your job is to make the life of the carry as hard as possible. You are NOT to prioritise farming, you are meant to HARASS in this lane and get kills.
Middle lane is preferably best for many situations. Mainly the hero who needs the most EXP to gain the advantage in team fights.
Safelane needs a strong support to protect the carry from ganks and assist in last hits.
When playing as a support place wards, upgrade courier and STICK with your carry.

I will explain which videos I THINK are important to watch and I highly recommend this.
I reckon to watch Dota D.Bowie. He is an amazing game analyser and offers great tips and tricks.

Also to take a look at PVGNA who offer courses and tips.

Now, when playing Dota keep in mind of positioning and your map awareness. Deny creeps and remember to carry a TP scroll ALL the time.

Good luck!
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