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Let's get closer to the grenades in the CSGO

Smoke grenades
A smoke bomb ($ 300) makes a thick cloud of smoke that lasts for about 18 seconds, which can be exploited in a variety of ways. It is equally important in attack and defense. CT players serve as a blockade of key points, while on the T side, with the help of smoke, you make room for yourself to take up sites more easily. Unlike Molotov cocktails, which you can sometimes skip, you must always have a smoke bomb with you if the economy allows it. The fire caused by the Molotov is extinguished by direct contact with a smoke bomb. You have probably found yourself in many situations where your opponent throws a fire bomb at you and you cannot get out because it is he who is waiting. Simply, if you have a smoke bomb with you in that situation, throw it under you and you will probably be saved as well.

CT side: very crucial at the beginning of the round. When arriving at the site, use smoke to block the main entrance of terrorists. Thus the potential rush from the T side will be stopped. It gives a lot of time to set up on the site. Since there are mostly 2 players on the site on the CT side, one should throw that first smoke, while the other will save his for later in the round. He can, when he hears terrorists preparing to enter the site, use that smoke to slow down the attack and thus gain time. If an attack occurs on another site, he can save it to help him in a retake situation. If you have smoke during the retake, you can try throwing smoke directly at the bomb to try defuses, in the hope that terror will not hit you.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

T side: not too different from the CT side. The only important difference is that on the T side you should keep your smoke as long as possible. It will be much more useful later in the round, in any situation. If it is necessary for a safe transition on some part of the map, feel free to use it early. By agreement with your teammates, you can make a team wall of figs and thus easily occupy the site / part of the map.

All maps are contained from many such positions, from which, with the help of the correct placement of the sights, you get useful smoke blocks. It is very important to know at least the basics, on every map. By simply searching for “smokes folder name” on youtube, you get numerous video tutorials. Of course, if you can't remember some of the positions shown, you may be able to find your own - an easier variation. But it is definitely recommended that you learn the positions used by most players.

Ninja defuse
In an earlier version of Counter Strike, at 1.6 days, the smoke bomb was not as useful as in the latest release. The reason for that is the low level of detail, ie. poor smoke realization. The game was done on an older engine, for older computers, so the smoke density could not be transmitted in the game at a satisfactory level. When CS: GO came out, the smoke underwent major changes. The newer and better engine allowed for big improvements. Smoke is much denser, more useful and with a different physique - it is used much more and has a greater impact.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The player tries to defuse in the fig in a 1v1 situation, with 1 hp! (in the picture above.)

In previous CS-s, ninja defuse was hiding or sneaking into a site while a bomb was being planted. Then, when all the terrorists left the site, he would approach at the last moment and with the help of the defuse tool, I completely, unexpectedly stopped the bomb. Mostly terrorists think that the last player saves his things for the next round, so they simply run away from the site. A cunning player would take advantage of their carelessness and poor site checking. Since CS: GO presented better smoke, the players realized at the beginning that throwing a smoke bomb over C4 gives a great chance to successfully stop it. Terrorists can shoot smoke, but many times it happens that a player who defends misses. Of course, not every time is successful, maybe sometimes the bullet goes astray until the CT starts defusing.

thank you for your time and I hope it will help you. gl hf <3

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