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  • War Thunder Begginer Tutorial (Shells, Modes, In Game Money, Tactics, Friends)

    When you get the game the first thing you do is start it up, log in to a account that you made, and start enjoying it.Then learn somethin new.You need to start learning that the shells that youre using can effect the place that you shot the tank.For ex. ill chose the most known tank in WW2 the Tiger...

  • War Thunder War Thunder Guide Book (Tactics)

    Aerial fighting is a three-dimensional art form with several complexities that take years to perfect. Reading up on, practicing, and applying these concepts to your advantage will dramatically enhance your effectiveness in a dogfight if you take these techniques seriously.The Regulations of Air Figh...


    The issue with War Thunder is its a game that continually swings from "stunning" to "absurdly baffling," regularly inside a similar meeting. Its a game I love, with the exception of every one of those occasions Im prepared to nuke it from my hard drive.Each couple of meetings, something specialized...

  • War Thunder The most potential realistic game of battle simulation

    War Thunder is a realistic game that is published by Gaijiin Entertainment. I will skip these introduction because the gameplay is what you players are most interested. So yes, the game itself has a lot of nations to play with, namely the US, Great Britian, Soviet Union, Germany,... and each of them...

  • War Thunder An absolutely enthralling free game

    War Thunder was launched in November 1, 2012. And I have to say, it is a brilliant game that anyone could play for free. The free game market usually isnt a place where you can find masterpieces, (i thought) but this game is absolutely wonderful. Did I mention its a free to play, cross-platform game...

  • War Thunder A Plane Game, but not a Plain Game.

    War Thunder is a game about flying various planes in order to achieve galati- I mean, aerial conquest. In this game you can choose from a wide variety of planes ranging from Russian Bias, American Bias, Tea Drinkers, and the Hiroshima survivors, among others. Get ready for an exciting game of watchi...

  • War Thunder War Thunder too good to be real

    War Thunder one of the best games i ever played ! War Thunder is a combination of WoT (World of Tanks) and WoW (World of Warships). If you ever played WoT or WoW or both this game is made for you now you have 3 types of vehicles tanks,ships and planes the cool part is that you can fight with all of...

  • War Thunder War Thunder! Should You Play It? Tanks, Planes and Ships? What more could you ask for?

    War Thunder created by the Russian video game studio Gaijin Entertainment. War Thunder is a free to play vehicular combat game available for Microsoft Windows, macOS ,Linux, Playstation 4, Shield Android TV and for the Xbox One. It is set in World War 2 and after World War 2. As of writing this ther...

  • War Thunder interesting war game,while it is free

    Introduction The War Thunder is a war game created by Russia’s Gaijin before and after World War II. Players can experience the atmosphere of the war between Spain, World War II, and the Korean War between 1933 and 1953. The strength of the countrys land, sea and air. With various types of vehicles...


    Hey everyone, Thanks for taking time to read this. Im just gonna be doing a short review on War Thunder, a very fun game. My friend got me into it and its immensely addicting! It is a plane game if you havent noticed. You start by choosing a country. There are a few countries to choose from, such as...

  • War Thunder WarThunder vs World of Tanks

    These two are really solid games that both involve great tank mechanics. WarThunder is really new compared to World of Tanks so the graphics are much better and the features in the game are much more realistic. WarThunder has the view where you can see how well your crew is doing and getting shot in...

  • War Thunder Completing Warthunder Tasks

    Are you a new bananatic user, or just want some more bananas to get you that CSGO skin you always wanted or that giftcard you are buying for your pet dog because he held you at gunpoint? Well fear not! Warthunder is a great and fantastic game for those who needs more bananas. Warthunder is also a re...

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  • War Thunder Vonlindner - Reviews - War Thunder

    When War Thunder was officially released at the very end of 2016 many fans were left wondering what that meant for the five-year-old MMO. Were Gaijin Entertainment done implementing and adding features? Of course they weren’t. In fact, they’re planning to roll out almost twice as much content in 201...

  • War Thunder War Thunder is a great FREE game!

    The first time I ever played War Thunder was for bananas on this website. I have to admit, I was hesitant to play, as I am usually not into MMOs. As soon as I started to complete the tutorials, I knew the game would be a total blast, and it was. There are many countries, planes, armored vehicles and...

  • War Thunder Review On War Thunder

    This game includes 2k graphics which are stunning and will be enjoyed the more hours you invest into the game. It is an action-packed game where you can either play as a plane or a tank ; personally i prefer plane. The main objective is to either destroy the enemies or destroy the mini turrets or ev...