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Begginer Tutorial (Shells, Modes, In Game Money, Tactics, Friends)

When you get the game the first thing you do is start it up, log in to a account that you made, and start enjoying it.

Then learn somethin new.

You need to start learning that the shells that you're using can effect the place that you shot the tank.

For ex. ill chose the most known tank in WW2 the Tiger.

It has many types of shells. Will u fire HE (High explosive) or Armor Piercing ?

That isn't hard. You need to know the penetration on a shell you can see it when u hover over it and its easy to know which one you're using.

AA (Anti Aircraft) is good for what it stands. Some in tier one you can find here strong and helpful in battles.

You have to chose 1 nation that you will stick and play. There are also Fighter jets if you like Planes. And Boats and Battleships if you're a boat guy.

You can chose AB ( Arcade Battles ) or RB ( Realistic Battles ) what ever you play like tanks, Battleships, Jets everything is good.

I recommend the AB bc they are good for begginers, but the RB is kinda more hard bc you need to find the exact distance the enemy tank is locaded.

By playing this game you can get 5100 Play

In game money is Silver Lions and Golden Eagles.

Silver Lions are easy to get and not take you're life savings while the Golden Eagles do cost a fair price and give Premium Time, Tanks, Jets, Battleships and also more Silver Lions thanks to the Premium Time.

Not many people are rich and have that but its still good bc you can get boosters that give you a Silver Lion boost or a Experience boost which is very helpful for discovering new stuff.

When you're in a face to face shootout you should try to sidescrape that will make you're enemy shoot you in a 60º angle u have more armor and they will bounce off you're side armor then get there gun and attack there crew. Start to go for the points like A, B, C and try to cap them so you're team can win faster.

You can hold a place until there is backup or just move where you're team needs most help.

Or if u find you're self in a bad place try to call for backup you're more important then you think.

By playing this game you can get 6250 Play

You can call you're friends and play together and get wins.

You can only have 4 friends in a same game, but that won't stop you to make the perfect plays.

Bc u can comunicate with you're friends u can make plays that will be in you and you're friends lives forever.

You can also talk to other player while talking to your friends.

You can play with other vets in the game not depiting by skill lvl.

You can play the A1 Abrams tank and other cool tanks like the Russia T-34-85.

If u enjoy this game you can always make a new account to start a new journey.

Even if u dont like the game you can play another one.

You mean alot to the Gaging they do everything to make you a better player .

You can earn golden eagles by taking part of the thunder show and doing cool stuff and get a review of Gaging and if they like it they will send u some gold eagles so start making good play and get those eagles.

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