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  • War Thunder Energy Fighting (The Basics)

    Now heres a simple question, what is a energy fighter? Have a thought about it yet? Heres the answer. A energy fighter is any plane made to combat other planes. When flying a plane that was made to either, boom and zoom, or dive on enemies, it is using its energy to attack. This article will go over...

  • War Thunder When Plebs Fly (War Thunder Review!)

    War Thunder on Bananatic is quite a good game especially considering its price, free. It allows for fun battling with either tanks or planes depending on your preference, maybe both. It is easy to use and has a rather good blend of realism while keeping it looking cool enough for a game. It stops yo...

  • War Thunder Pew Pew Pew Tanks and Planes!

    The first time I ever heard about this game was around 2015-2016ish, my friend (who I also worked for at the time) streamed a bit and wanted some more people to play a game called "Warthunder" with him on stream. So being a GREAT FRIEND, I downloaded the game (along with a couple other friends) and...

  • War Thunder War Thunder Review

    Gameplay- I have been playing War thunder for a little while now and i can safely say that it is a real enjoyable game that is very easy to just pick up and be able to do good. There are different types of game modes to fix every indiviuals playstyle such as arcade, realistic and simulation mode. Th...

    Ballistic Viper
  • War Thunder Steam Wallet

    Steam – Making the Most of Your Purchases Steam is a gaming platform that is used by over 125 million registered users. It allows you to purchase, download, and launch a library of over 20,000 games across a variety of devices. From humble beginnings, Steam is now a goliath of the gaming world...