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WarThunder vs World of Tanks

These two are really solid games that both involve great tank mechanics. WarThunder is really new compared to World of Tanks so the graphics are much better and the features in the game are much more realistic. WarThunder has the view where you can see how well your crew is doing and getting shot in certain areas actually matters since there's points where you can one shot enemies. In World of Tanks however, you just have hitpoints so it doesn't require as much skill. But both games have critical hits I believe. The tanks seem really small in World of Tanks compared to the buildings. But sometimes it just depends on how far you progressed and which map. Both games have a campaign which can be played alone. The tutorials in each game are good too so either one can be played to enjoy any sort of tank game.
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World of Tanks has more tanks though. I think it is over 500 with 8 different countries. WarThunder has 5 countries but I'm not sure on the amount of tanks that are available. WarThudner does have an aerial mode with realistic and arcade gamemodes just like the tank battles. In the tank battles, you can use a plane as a sort of killstreak when you have done really well. This allows you to drop bombs on the enemies and fire with machineguns. The game has an amazing upgrading/researching system which lets you get better tanks and upgrade the ones you already have. The artillery strike is a nice bonus too. It adds a lot of variety to the game. The aiming system is very nice in WarThunder and in World of Tanks. But in World of Tanks, there's this massive odd green-dotted circle around your cursor which is really not necessary.
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When you die in World of Tanks, you are dead for the remainder of the game. In WarThunder, if you have more tank in your hanger that are completely repaired and ready to go; you essentially get extra lives for the battlefield. This makes games more action packed because you don't have to just spectate. Well you can return to hanger too and join into a different game. Overall, I think WarThunder is the better game out of the two. Considering it's newer as well so it should be a good gateway into these types of games as well.

Quick tip on WarThunder:

If you want to spot enemies much easier then lower your settings to the absolute minimum. It makes the textures very easy to differentiate so it's easy to see a moving tank. This will also help you shoot enemies across the map. But be aware that others are obviously using this trick as well.
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