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War Thunder too good to be real

War Thunder one of the best games i ever played !
War Thunder is a combination of WoT (World of Tanks) and WoW (World of Warships).
If you ever played WoT or WoW or both this game is made for you now you have 3 types of vehicles tanks,ships and planes the cool part is that you can fight with all of them and against all of them and i think that this is a cool idea for a game with some semi-realistic graphics and the feeling that you get when you play make this game one of the most competitive games out there.
If you have problems with rage quits and things like that this game is not for you..any competitive game is not for you unless is a game with cats and dogs fighting :) .
The tactics that you can use in this game are endless.
The map is enormous.
Best tactic in this game if you want to play with a tank is to get a camo one and hide in a forest and try to shot every plane that you see but first let the planes kill all the ships.
If you use a plane watch out for every movement in the grass and look for every tank.
By playing this game you can get 3400 Play
As a plane your first mission is to kill the planes and all the ships and then fight with the tanks
If you chose a ship well you need to fight with the other ships than with the planes and than with the tanks.
As a tank remember that you need to fight with tanks too :) every vehicle is good made and they look incredible if you never played this game and you want to play a good game with a large player base and with good graphics competitive this is the game that you need.
Its pretty easy to download and to install and its free to play too.
This game is not 100% pay to win but you get some advantages if you pay to buy something but if you play this game and try to master it you won't need to pay anything yea if you want to help the developers than go on you can do that but remember than you don't always have to pay to win you can win without paying anything so if you are like me and don't like spending money on games this game is good for you.
This game doesn't have many aesthetic aspects but is good.
By playing this game you can get 4160 Play
If you computer can handle with ease WoT (World of Tanks) and WoW (World of Warships) than you can run this game not with that ease but your computer will handle it.
If your computer run with hard WoT and WoW or your computer is literally on fire when you play WoT and WoW than you can't handle this game.
If you play WoT and WoW i recommend that you try the planes too maybe you are a better plane driver than a ship or a tank driver i recommend trying all the vehicles to see if one of them will fit you perfect.
I recommend using headphone for this game so you can hear every movement that you hear and pay attention to every move you see on the sky,water or earth remember that always in the forest you will find one or two tanks hiding from the other vehicles and you can easily be sniped in a forest without even realising and always watch your back cause every time you can be followed by a tank or a ship or a plane.
I think that you really need to try this game is well made you can barely find any bugs.
5.0 (1)
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