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War Thunder is a great FREE game!

The first time I ever played War Thunder was for bananas on this website. I have to admit, I was hesitant to play, as I am usually not into MMOs. As soon as I started to complete the tutorials, I knew the game would be a total blast, and it was. There are many countries, planes, armored vehicles and settings to choose from. Each country has its own selection of vehicles ranging from Tier I to Tier VI. You are able to participate in air and ground combat, with both having their own strategies to develop for. With the three game modes to choose from, I would have to say 'realistic' is my favorite, as it combines arcade and simulation modes together, to create a challenging, yet totally fun experience. With three plane classes to choose from (attacker, bomber, and fighter), there are many paths of gameplay to choose from, depending on your style of gameplay.
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Let's start by getting the negative aspects of the game out of the way. To start off, War Thunder's waiting times are ridiculous. I have to wait 5-10 min to join a simple match, with all settings on "Any" to minimise the wait. Of course, the waiting time varies between each game mode, but it still something that should not exist in such a massively played game. Another flaw is the multi-platform experience. I got my dad to download the game on his PS4, so we could make use of this particular feature. We managed to add each other and join a squad (kinda like a party). For one, the voice chat system was completely broken, and we weren't able to play online together. All we could do was play through single-player missions, which was bland and boring (don't get War Thunder for the single player experience). Even though I'm the majority of players will play this game on Pc, it is still something to keep in mind.
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Now for the positives. All I have to say is it's a bloody awesome game! The graphics are stunning, and the maps are wide and detailed. The level of realism portrayed in this game can never be seen in another game. Just the ability to view a complete x-ray of your plane or tank is impressive and fascinating. The two-vehicle groups that can be played at the moment are air and ground (naval vehicles are being tested right now). Ground combat can be played strategically, or just plain wild! I take the advantage of camouflage to camp out and lure out my enemies. Of course, you can take control of AATs (Anti-aircraft tank) to take down those annoying bi-planes that keep circling you. As a plane, the gameplay is extremely intense. I usually play as a bomber in order to stay away from planes by staying high up in the sky and doing my business. If I ever play as any other plane, dog fighting is stressful and rewarding. In the end, I say you should give this incredible MMO a try, and I promise you won't be disappointed with the quality this game is packed with.
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Author Gtmichaels
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