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A Plane Game, but not a Plain Game.

War Thunder is a game about flying various planes in order to achieve galati- I mean, aerial conquest. In this game you can choose from a wide variety of planes ranging from Russian Bias, American Bias, Tea Drinkers, and the Hiroshima survivors, among others. Get ready for an exciting game of watching your teammates do absolutely nothing while you proceed to play the objective and magically become number 1 on the team. Prepare yourself to learn the nuances of the simple, yet expansive mechanics of the flight model while everybody else blindly chases after the enemy team's planes. Some people may argue that it isn't important to play the objective, but instead to destroy the other team's planes, however my position on the leaderboard is laughing at you. Other exciting activities include:

- Getting rammed by your teammates
- Getting rammed by the opposing team
- Nuking the shit out of every tank you see
- Barrel rolls
- Realizing that you just lost your gunner

- Spamming the cool chat emotes (PRESS T!)

Now let's all take a look at my cool LaGG.

By playing this game you can get 3400 Play

Pick from three exciting gamemodes including Arcade, Realistic, and Simulation. Personally, I played realistic for the time being, and I would recommend you to try it as well since you get more xp for it as well. The difference between Arcade and realistic seems to be that in realistic you only get 1 plane and can't respawn, whereas in arcade you have 3 planes and can respawn as soon as you crash. Other differences include that you can't reload unless you land and you start on the ground in realistic.

In these three game modes you will do a variety of tasks such as:

- Destroy the trucks
- Destroy the tanks
- Destroy the artillery
- Destroy the buildings
- Bomb the armored tanks
- Bomb the bulletproof buildings

Be advised, though, that certain tasks can only be accomplished with certain types of planes. For instance, bombers and certain upgraded planes are the only planes capable of blowing up a bunker. Armored tanks can only be destroyed with special rounds only found on higher level planes, or alternatively, with bombs and rockets. Upgrades, which can be unlocked with gameplay as you get xp and lions (in game currency) for playing matches; this, in turn, will allow you to increase your plane's capabilities, with new guns, stronger armor, or sometimes, even add bombs and rockets.

Thanks to the current holiday update, upgrades are 50% off, so take advantage of that while you can.

By playing this game you can get 4160 Play

Now you may be wondering, how on earth do I get new planes anyway? Do I have to buy them? Do they cost in-game cash or real cash? How long does it take to get one?

Well do not fret, for it is a very simple matter. Remember how I mentioned that upgrades for your plane could be unlocked just by playing matches and getting xp/lions? Well, it is the same way for getting new planes, as you play matches, some of the experience you get will go towards researching the new plane. And when you eventually get enough, which doesn't take too long, honestly, you will be able to buy the plane for a small amount of lions. If you don't want to wait, however, there is another way to get research points which is by spending golden eagles, the premium in-game currency. However, I would personally recommend playing the game normally so that you get used to the game's mechanics before you end up in a tier with high level players and find yourself getting knocked out of the sky every time you turn around.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, there are also boats, tanks, and helicopters in this game as well, however I did not try them so I won't be able to comment on that.

10/10 would recommend, especially during the holiday update.

5.0 (1)
Author PrairieRanger
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