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How to Distruptor Mid

Hi guys, this is my first post on this website and i'll be doing a guide on how to Midlane with distruptor (3k8 - 4k5+ mmr ). This article will include

1. Why and when to pick distruptor mid + playstyle

2. Item and talents build

About me : I have ~ 3000 hours played on Dota 2 , and personally over 160+ games with disruptor mid. I recently found out about this trend from a pro player from my own country so i followed his build and playstyles and it worked perfectly for me ( i climbed up to 4k5 from 3k8 with only disruptor ). since my rank right now is 4448 , i wont guaranteed that this pick would work on higher skill levels, although the original player of this style is playing this on rank 200+ games. Well, i guess it depends on how good you are in the midlane individually and also how well your teamates can fare with you , after all dota 2 is a team game. That's all, without further ado, lets get right into it . :">

Hope you'll all find this useful to gain some ez mmr :D

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

1. First of all , ''WHY'' pick disruptor mid ?
With a slight buff to thunder strike damage in patch 7.20 ,distruptor now has a solid 180 magic dmg skill at lv 1. Yes, 180!. With this he can easily nuke most midlaner out of their lanes since most of the picks are intel - aka low hp heroes , thus giving him the advantage in terms of last hitting and levels.

2. ''WHEN'' to pick disruptor mid ?

As stated above, disruptor 1st skills is very effective against soft heroes, while as the same times not very useful against tanky heroes , such as Kunnka, Pudge, or Viper as midlaners, and never pick disruptor mid if the enemy has an Anti-mage or Phantom lancer also, unless your teamates can compensate for the pick , else you'd be absolutely useless late game.

3. How to MidLane ?

I started off with a null and mango. Basic regen is provided by teamate with 2 tangos, if they dont give you tango, you can just shift queue a salve and buy it later when your team pick up the runes.

First skill to get and to max out is ofcourse, Thunder strike. At max level , it can deals as much as 480 dmg solid, highest basic skill dmg in the game. With the lv10 talent it could go up to 640 dmg, a very big number and surely could nuke out most supports with only 1-2 times of usage.

While laning , try to harass the enemy midlaner as much as possible with 1st skill, then try to hit last hits to buy more MANGOS, with only 80 gold u can sustain your mana pool to spam more of your 1st skill, until a point where the enemy HP is too low they wont be able to contest the creep anymore, you're already dominating the lane. Remember when you see the opportunity , dont be afraid to just go up and take the kill, because thunder strike can also give you vision of the enemy uphills.

Once you have dominated the lane, and have your ultimate on, try to roam other lane and help pushing towers. Remember to bring a tp so you can go back to mid if the enemy midlaner dare to shows up to last hit. With 1 combo of ultimate and thunderstrike you can solo kill the enemy most of the times during the early stages of the game, so be fearless!

Distruptor playstyles is basiclly snowballing them from the early stages , so make sure your team has a snowball picks as well, else it would backfire. Disruptor late game is pretty much like a support since they'd all have items by then. So make sure to end the game before then.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

1. Items

This is basically the items you'd want to have in the later game. But the essential core items are : Urn of shadows and boot of travels.

The sequence of the build is : Null -> boot of speed -> urn of shadows -> boot of travels -> vessels

Now, if the enemy team has gankers as cores , such as Slark, Monkey king, Clink, ... etc. Heroes that can catch you out of nowhere, then the next items should be some mobility items like ghost scepter, force staff ,eul, or blink. If not , then get an agh and Dagon 5 to maximize dmg outputs.

2. Talents

The talents tree is shown above is by order : Thunder strike dmg, cast range, gold/min, and kinetic field duration. This has been tested by me over 160 games and is the most optimized talent build for this heroes.

I had quite some struggles choosing between the lv25 talents tho, personally i think either one is just not that ''OP'' compared to most other heroes .

Well that is all for my guide , hope you'll be successfull with this , i wish you the best of luck :D

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