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How to get to townhall 6 fast in Clash of Clans

When you first start playing the game do the tutorial but do not spend any gems wait it out since u will need those gems later. Also when u are at the goblin map only use 1 wizard since u will need the 2 other ones when u start to attack other players. When you have completed the tutorial all you have to do is to build a gold storage and a elixir storage then you just upgrade them and then u build everything u can. Do not upgrade any of the buildings since u don’t need to since ur only at town hall level 2 and it’s not important. When you have built every item u can then upgrade the town hall. When the town hall is fully upgraded and ur at town hall level is 3 then you can get clan castle. It’s important to get the clan castle since when u get it u can join other clans like request and leave clans. Join those clans called Req and leave because they will help u get troops. They will give you troops that you can use when u attack. With the troops from the clan u will most likely win. Do not attack without clan castle troops.

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It is pretty much the same on town hall 3 all u have to do is upgrade ur elixir storage and ur gold storage and then build everything u can. The reason u have to build everything u can is that u can’t upgrade ur town hall without building everything possible to build at ur town hall level. If you need gams because u were inpatient and used them or used them by accident then u can remove bushes and mushrooms and stuff like that for gems. It is the best way to get gems for free. When u reach town hall level 4 then u should start upgrading everything. U have to leave ur clan and join Req N Leave but if you already have a clan that can donate to you whenever then you don’t have to. When you have a town hall level 4 then u have to start attacking everyone u can. If u look in to your defense log then you will find a revenge button if you click it then you will most likely not come to a base but if you do just attack it if it has good loot. U should also begin doing the season challenges at this level. But when u have completed the town hall level then it just repeats.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

It repeats u have to do the same thing but u just have to work harder and try to do every season challenge. U should also do achievements because they give a lot of gems and gems are important for speeding up things. But on town hall level 5 u have to start grinding not only multiplayer attacks but u also have to unlock the builder base. It’s important to unlock the builder base since when u get progress on the base it will give u a clock tower a gem mine and u will get tons of bushes, trees and so many things that u can remove for gems. There is also achievements for this base so u have to play both if you want to get to town hall level 6 fast. It isn’t hard getting through town hall lvl 5 but if you need help with you troops then you gotta upgrade them in the lab and u can unlock more troops by upgrading your barracks. I recommend upgrading what u use the most and not upgrading the troops u don’t use yet since ur not at a high lvl town hall. But when you are town hall lvl 7 then you gotta upgrade everything.

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