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interesting war game,while it is free

The War Thunder is a war game created by Russia’s Gaijin before and after World War II. Players can experience the atmosphere of the war between Spain, World War II, and the Korean War between 1933 and 1953. The strength of the country's land, sea and air. With various types of vehicles (tanks, fighter planes, and battleships, etc.) of all three arms, air battles, land battles, and naval battles (coming soon) will be used to counter the cascading action, allowing players to dream back to the turmoil of World War II.

I used to play Tank World before. But the death information in the tank world is based on the amount of blood in the tank. I think this is not scientific. You have been playing with the track of a tank and you can blast the tank. This is very magical. Moreover, only tanks in modern warfare are unreasonable.
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The intuitive feeling that War Thunder has given me is that this thing is more scientific in the calculation of death, and the death of all tank members is even death. The addition of the aircraft adds a lot of features to the game. Only one thing is that there are too few players in steam services. Most of the matches are computers. There is not much fun.

This is also a hardcore game. "Who am I, where am I, what am I going to do?" This is a question of more philosophical nature. While thinking about these issues, some new problems will arise, "How do I die?"

As the game's time grew, I knew how to play the game and hid behind a bunker. The front sight aimed at the enemy and quietly opened a shot against the enemy's ass. Then, bring the enemy to the previous philosophical issue.

It is awful to play this game.
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In general, the quality of the war thriller is still very good. In the air battle, the bullets will have a trajectory that will break through the clouds. When the fly turns and flips in the air, the screen will be very smooth and coherent. It won't look awkward. On the other hand, during the land battles, the tanks roll up dirt on the ground, and when they encounter obstacles, they will destroy them. When they launch munitions, they will have a hollow effect and mist will appear. Of course, after all, the picture is what it takes to be seen, so look forward to your visit.

However, in China, there are other agents to represent the game, making this game more popular, but the game operator's profit approach makes me unhappy. In short, the game is a good game, but he may not be in China.

In addition to the basic features of picture quality and sound effects, War Thunder also innovatively introduced the "Technology Tree" gameplay. Players can choose to upgrade the vehicle in the menu of the technology tree and try their best to satisfy different preferences. At the same time, having more different types of vehicles also increases the content of the game, allowing players to have a more realistic feeling of war.
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