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War Thunder: The All-in-One War Game

War Thunder: The game which started off as the best air warfare game, turning into the best tank and possibly the naval warfare game. The game has gone a long way, and it deserves the success it is getting. The game has an all time record of 35,000 people playing at once, and it almost never goes under 10,000. With this popularity, War Thunders developers are still listening to feedback and answering most questions players have to ask. To top it off, the game is 100% free. There are in game purchases, but they only make you progress faster, meaning the game does not give any major benefits to players who pay.

First: some facts about the game;
- War Thunder has more than 500 playable aircrafts
- The War Thunder development team are working on ships to put into the game.
- War Thunder has 346 playable tanks
By playing this game you can get 2100 Play
First: I would like to talk about the maps. For aviation games, maps are massive, and feel almost endless. These huge maps cause realistic encounters with enemy planes. The maps also have a really, really high elevation gap, meaning bombers can be as high and safe as they want. With all the space, this game is a realistic, addicting wartime flight simulator. For tank battles: The maps are large, but no where near the size of the aviation maps. There is one exception though, and that is when you enter a plane in the tank battle (which happens around 3 times per game). When this happens, the map is expanded to how it would be in an aviation battle: enormous.

The maps designs are also very realistic. In aviation: There are mountains which soar into the sky and burning villages below. In ground games: You are going through destroyed battlefields.
By playing this game you can get 2560 Play
In the topic of maps, I want to speak about the diversity of maps. There are more than 50 air maps and 28 ground forces maps. The 75+ maps in the game only make War Thunder better and more enjoyable. Ground maps range from the open Fields of Poland, to the endless dunes of Sinai, to a large dam in Korea. Aviation maps include open skies with no obstructions, and enormous mountains you can work your way around.

Overall, with the range of vehicles and maps, the large player base, the $0 price tag, and the diverse gameplay, this game is extraordinary. I suggest everyone gives it a try and has at least 1 hour on it, it will be worth your time. The best part is that if you don't like it, you can delete it without wasting money (Although I highly doubt you won't like it).

Thank you for reading my review!
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Author Mushman123
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