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Completing Warthunder Tasks

Are you a new bananatic user, or just want some more bananas to get you that CSGO skin you always wanted or that giftcard you are buying for your pet dog because he held you at gunpoint? Well fear not! Warthunder is a great and fantastic game for those who needs more bananas. Warthunder is also a really interesting game, this article will talk about the quests in warthunder and how to complete the quests. This article WILL not talk about the tanks nor planes in the game but will only help you complete the quests. This article will also explain a quick ways to complete tasks in the game. DISCLAIMER: this is my first time writing a guide, please do not leave any hateful comments, but instead leave reviews and tell me what I should do and what I should do. With that said, lets move on to what you should do to obtain these bananas.
By playing this game you can get 3630 Play
So the tasks will have you complete 20 games, about 28 games, and then around 45 games. These tasks are really easy as you don't have to win, just complete games. So when starting the game, you'll probably want to pick the tank side, instead of aviation (unless you prefer aviation.) Once picking a side you're comfortable with, you'll want to hop in a match of realistic battles. This is because the task requires REALISTIC battles instead of ARCADE or SIMULATOR battles. Realistic battles are a little harder than arcade battles so you might want to practice on arcade for a match or two. Once you've got it done you will want play realistic battles with your desired tank or plane. If you're new to Bananatic you'll probably want to do these tasks because it won't take that much time and it will earn you lots of bananas. The bonus task is to purchase atleast 150 golden eagles (special currency which requires real money.)
By playing this game you can get 4440 Play
The top image is what it should look like when submitting an image. To do this , you will want to click your name at the top (my name is gibsonfender, it will be different for yours.) Then after that, go to service records, make sure you are clicking realistic battles and not simulator battles nor arcade battles. The symbol at the top of the hud with two swords is how much games you have played. You will have to keep track of how much the numbers add up to because having too much or too little battles might result in an image getting rejected . This is because one of the rules of completing tasks on the website is that you must use a new account for each game you complete . Well, this is the end of the article. I hope it helped anyone who read this , and if it didn't thanks for your time anyways.
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Author Yellow Pickle
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