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Rocket League (B2P) 18 articles
  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket League - A review of the game

    Rocket League is a very unique game as it takes various real world sports (such as football, basketball and ice hockey) and combines it with exciting motorsport action. The game now also features a new mode called Rumble that allows players to use a variety of power ups to gain an advantage in the m...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocketing Sky high with rocket league

    Rocket league changes the perspective of gaming in a gamers point of view as it reconstitutes the elements of gaming totally. I personally have not played the game but the comments that I have heard from my peers and the people around me makes me want to purchase the game and experience the uniquene...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Should you buy Rocket League?

    Rocket League is one of the most unique games available for purchase. It is the only game which merges racing and football (or soccer), making it so unusual it becomes addicting. Rocket League has an all time peak of 102,684 players in-game at once, making it a really active game. The game costs $14...

  • Rocket League (B2P) My Opinion On Rocket League

    You guys made my first ever article go into the top 10 so for that, Im making another one, this time on rocket league!So my personal opinion on rocket league is, its a great game to play when youre feeling down but it takes A LOT of practice and trust me when I say a lot.So unless you are a natural...

  • Rocket League (B2P) The Best Way to Play as a Team

    Teamwork is the most important aspect of Rocket League, though it can sometimes be hard to understand what your actual role is as a team player during an actual match. So in this article, Im going to be explaining basic positioning on both Offense and Defense as well as some things that you should k...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket League - My personal Opinion

    Rocket League is a very simple but satisfying game. You drive in an Arena with your car and try to shoot a ball into the opponents goal. For some of you this might sound pretty boring, but that´s not all about this game. You got tons of customizations and thousands of items to collect. There is also...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Tricks and Tips to Rocket League, given to you by somebody who doesn't even play!!!

    I dont play Rocket League, but its one of those games which I really do want to play. I play a game on my tablet called ROCKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP (You can find it on the app store or google play), which is pretty much the same thing, I realised that at the start of a game, you should do a beginners mo...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket League: Soccer Demo Derby

    Rocket League is a game that anyone can look at for about 5 seconds and know immediately what it’s about. A bunch of cars are thrown into a huge field with one large soccer ball and two goals. Speaks for itself, right? As simple as it seems, it is one of the more fun games I have experienced and I h...

  • Rocket League (B2P) It's Alright it could have been better| Rocket Leage

    Been playing rocket league a little and its pretty boring i didnt really have all that much fun when i played aswell it was just kinda... ok. in other words it had a good thought plus its designs for the cars to have little features and all but i preffered lucioball from overwatch more because atlea...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket league, an upcoming esport?

    Rocket league is a sport like game, it is based of the worldwide sport soccer/football. You play as a car which uses boost to take advantage of the other team, you have to try score by hitting the ball into the respective goal, it is a multiplayer game and supports many platforms. Rocket league was...

  • Rocket League (B2P) A critical review of rocket league

    Firstly, I have played 350+ hours of this game, so this review may be slightly biased towards Psyonixs side. I got this game just after it left beta and I feel it was worth the money. It has created a new concept for a game which makes me want to continue playing after all this time. It has continuo...

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  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket leauge review

    In this article im going to be reviewing Rocket Leauge in the game you are a car that plays various games like soccer basketball drop shot which i will explain later and rumble which i will also explain soon. the gamemode dropshot is where there are 2 teams blue and orange there are 2 sides if orang...

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  • Rocket League (B2P) how to do arelias in rocket leauge

    in this tutorial im going to teach you on how to do arelias in rocket leauge. the first thing your going to want to do is get a big long car like the dominus becuase its a good starter car for arelias. then go into traning and just practice jumping then press the s key for a little bit until your at...

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  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket League: Rocket Cars + Soccer

    Get ready! Get set! Rev your engines, because rocket league has created the idea of basically everyones fantasies: Soccer with Cars. Who doesnt want to play that?! Even though It sounds all fun and games, there is still a strategy to the game that is three words: Hit the ball. Although this game is...

  • Rocket League (B2P) Rocket League (Review)

    Rocket League is a game with a very unique concept. Soccer, but with cars. At first, I thought, "this game seems like it would get boring really quick." But after I bought it, I had many hours of fun with the seemingly endless variety of customizations for the cars, the sleek visuals, and the non-st...