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Rocket League (B2P)
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It's Alright it could have been better| Rocket Leage

Been playing rocket league a little and its pretty boring i didnt really have all that much fun when i played aswell it was just kinda... ok. in other words it had a good thought plus its designs for the cars to have little features and all but i preffered lucioball from overwatch more because atleast then it wasnt a** to control and felt easier to play. there isn't really much more i have to say about this "Adequate" game because there really wasnt much to it. HOWEVER I did enjoy some of the moments when you were flying or driving upside down scoring incredible goals it just fealt fun to do those things and i enjoyed every moment i had with the good bits of the game but to me it was a real shame. i hope someone else has a better experience from this game then i did and i hope they make future improvements to the game aswell.
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I Absolutely love the music when im flying through the game it is by far one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard and i have heard plenty of soundtracks before on other games like youtube or geometry dash but they dont come close to the upbeat modern hyper music that rocket league brings in i absolutely loved listening to the opening screen and to the music as im playing it was by far the best thing to come out of this game and not alot came out well in this piece and so other than that i cant really say anything was spectacular about it enough to call this game anything but ok. the control was bad the colours were bad the servers bad and the match making OH DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE MATCH MAKING. but yeah i loved the music which made it barable to play this game but there is a downside to it because not all types of people like this kind of music.
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It was an ehh/ok game that if it was tested would have been given 50%. it was not that great and reacher to me what a minimum of quality is. its controls are weird to use having only to use the wasd and arrows to turn move and spacebar to do anything else and the mouse to only boost instead of what it usually be used for which is to control your direction of where you are looking. all in all it was an alright game that wasnt that bad but could have been so much better in so many features such as the control, the visual, the camera and oh please fix the dang match making. the aim of the game is to in a limited amount of time score more goals than the enemy team in a 3d box of an arena where you climb walls fly around with boost and do all sorts of fun stuff that isnt really all that fun but i still like the game and i honestly recommend it for others to play for a decent game with a nice audio-track.
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Author Tabby-Bananya
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