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Rocket League (B2P)
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A critical review of rocket league

Firstly, I have played 350+ hours of this game, so this review may be slightly biased towards Psyonix's side.
I got this game just after it left beta and I feel it was worth the money. It has created a new concept for a game which makes me want to continue playing after all this time. It has continuous updates which keep the game fresh and interesting. The competitive side of it still needs some work which seems to be fixed in the more recent updates but still is not quite there yet. There is a small fraction of "smurfs" (second accounts to players in much higher ranks) which play in lower ranks for practice making you have to play against people much higher than your current skill level. AI in this game are great when starting the game but once you start getting good the AI becomes obsolete.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There is a great customising aspect of the game where you can choose different cars (which all have very similar stats unless you are very high level) and you can decorate them with some default items that you get given or if you play enough games, you can get rarer items to decorate. There are also crates in the game that randomly drop. You can open said crates with keys bought from the store and within are special items that you can use to decorate your car. This is an interesting addition to the game. Sadly it is not integrated with the steam market so you cannot sell your items. This makes the items purely cosmetic which in my opinion is a very good decision. There are also DLC packs if you do not want to gamble. From the Bat-mobile to the Delorian from back to the future there are a range of packs to choose from.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
These give you a car and sometimes extra features depending on which pack you choose. Either way, the decoration aspect of this game is greatly imaginative and I love it. Finally there are extra game modes. Each of them takes an interesting twist on the game with the most recent one being dropshot. a game which is difficult to explain but rekindles my interest in the game once more. In conclusion I am exited to spend many more hours in this game because of: anticipation for future updates, trying to be the best in competitive mode and the new items which are consistently flowing in. I give this game a 9/10 for its sheer creativity as there is no other game on the market like it and it has a community which is constantly growing which invites me back more and more to play the game again.
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Author homo erectus
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