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Rocket League (B2P)
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how to do arelias in rocket leauge

in this tutorial im going to teach you on how to do arelias in rocket leauge. the first thing your going to want to do is get a big long car like the dominus becuase its a good starter car for arelias. then go into traning and just practice jumping then press the s key for a little bit until your at about a 45 degree angle then turn on your boost and you should be flying!

so just go back and forth practicing arelias until you think your ready when you think you are go to the next paragrapgh if your not here are some tips that may help.

one thing that i struggled with when i started to do arelias is i kept pressing the w key but you have to press the s key or else you will just spin out.

another usefull tip is that you have to use the boost at the right time if you dont you can spin out in the air.
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next practice driving on the walls jumping going 45 degrees and boosting. when you get the hang of it you can start to go onto online, its best to start with 2v2s becuase your teemate can pass the ball to you.

then when you finish that you can start to press the w s and d key when your in the air.

but before you do that start using the car that you usually use unless its the dominus becuase you are already familiar with the car you would usually use.

now to start using the w a and d keys use the a or d keys to go left or right and then use the w key to put the nose of your car down.

after doing this you need to try and do a spiral a spiral is when you go onto a wall double jump and press the a and w keys or the w and d keys which will spiral in the right or left direction.

tip: sometimes going into 2v2s can help you practice
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
now you have finially masterd how to do arelias if you want you can practice some more cool moves, if you do choose to i recomend you do it on training first anyways have fun!

now i do have to fill 800 charecters so im going to put in some filler content

tip 1
it also help practicing with a friend that you can talk to when doing ariels becuase you can practicing the ball in the air.

tip 2
another tip is that if you want you dont have to just use the dominus another good car for this is the octane becuase it is very controllable and is good at air dribbling which can be used in rocket leauge aerials

tip 3
something that can make aerials easier is a good computer now some people dont have acess to this so you can change some settings instead for example put your fps to at least 40 and a maximum of 60 for a laggy pc another thing you can change in settings is graphics change that to performance so the lag dosent bother you!

Thats all folks!
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