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Rocket League (B2P)
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Rocket leauge review

In this article im going to be reviewing Rocket Leauge in the game you are a car that plays various games like soccer basketball drop shot which i will explain later and rumble which i will also explain soon.

the gamemode dropshot is where there are 2 teams blue and orange there are 2 sides if orange hits the ball onto blues side the floor will crack and the will bounce off if orange hits the ball in the same spot it will count as a goal and the sides will reset until a team scores a goal.

the gamemodes hoops and soccar (hoops = basketball) (soccer = soccar) are pretty streightforward soccar is just normal soccer and basketball is pretty much normal but the hoops are on the ground and they are slanted so the cars can drive up them.

the final gamemode is drop shot, the feild is th same as soccar the only thing different is that every 8 seconds players get an item to help score, distract, stop and imobolize other players.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
in this next paragraph im going to talk about ranks and crates, first im going to talk about ranks, first you start out unranked and you have to play 10 matches to decide what rank your going to be placed into. when you get placed into the next rank you have a certan amount of time to easily rank up again then it will become harder to rank up. if you do get placed into a bad rank and you cant get out of it dont worry becuase every season rocket leauge releases a new season and with that a new crate. evry season there is a new crate and you can get many things in crates like an import car, a mystery decal, goal explosions and new wheels etc. an annoying problem with crates is that you can not earn keys in game to open the crates that you get in game 1 key costs $1.49. luckily there is a fix to this rocket leauge garage, its a website where you can make trades with other players and can get keys with just 2-3 crates!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
My final review is an 8 and a half out of 10, i didnt give this game a 10 out of 10 becuase of he annoying keys that you cant get in game i hope they will fix this soon becuase its annoying that you have to buy them so some players get an advantage over others. other than that rocket leauge is probably my favorite game and i highly recomend buying it, although buying the game is expensive (normal price about $15) and the game of the year edition which i bought is about $30-$40 i would wait until some sale so the normal game is much cheaper if you do have the money and a sale is going on would i buy the game of the year edition or GOTY well at first i regret it but later on i relized how valuable the cars the GOTY came with like the takumi but once again people dont have the money to get GOTY so you can get the takumi rxt which you have to earn not buy and it looks and performs a little better than the normal takumi so yes i would recomend GOTY (you can also just get normal rocket leauge and buy the takumi for 2 dollars if you just want certan cars)

anyways overall if i were you i would buy the game becuase recently its been blowing up on the internet and it is a great game!

buy the game here

trading website for rocket leauge
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