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Rocket League (B2P)
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Rocket League - A review of the game

Rocket League is a very unique game as it takes various real world sports (such as football, basketball and ice hockey) and combines it with exciting motorsport action. The game now also features a new mode called Rumble that allows players to use a variety of power ups to gain an advantage in the match similar to the racing series Mario Kart. Players can create their own custom games where they can access a variety of options (such as driving speed and the bounciness of the ball) to play whatever type of game they want. This certainly adds lots of replay value to the game. These custom games also allow the hosting of online games where the player can invite their friends to experiment with new game setting. Because of this, I would say the game has excellent replay value and will certainly entertain fans for a long time to come. The variety of different game modes on offer here will also certainly add to the game's replay value.
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At the end of every game, the player unlocks a new customisation option to help them personalise their vehicle however they want. The items unlocked can be purely cosmetic such as paint jobs or car toppers or can also have an impact on gameplay such as the unlock of a new car type with new stats. There are tons of customisation options to unlock, some of which are rarer than others, allowing players to create their own one of a kind vehicle to show off their creativity or rare items. The items are simple and easy to unlock, as the players only have to finish a game to unlock an item regardless of whether they win or lose, meaning every player will have the opportunity to collect rare items. The game also feature item crates where players can purchase a crate and receive a random rare item from the crate. However, I did not purchase any crates so I cannot say whether they are good value for money.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There are various different game play modes including a single player option, an online multiplayer option and a private multiplayer game option. When playing single player, the player has the option of playing against bots whose skill and ability can be chosen by the player assuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game. When it comes to online multiplayer, the player can choose from a variety of game modes such as basketball (Hoops), hockey or football (Soccar). These can vary from one v ones to teams of four playing against each other. There is also a ranked mode where players can compete on a global leader board for unique prizes such as titles. I did not play the ranked mode much so I cannot speak much about it but the more competitive players may enjoy such a mode. The game allows players to play online with their friends against other teams of random players too.
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