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  • SAO's Legend Another sad game That I dont want to play.

    Hello friends, Let me tell you, Sword art online is a Great Anime Based on a Fictional Game, That game could have Been Epic, instead we are given These sad attempts at Gaining Money, as everything wants you to buy Something. Gameplay: First off This Top down 2.5D Click to move game could have been f...

    Icarian Prince
  • SAO's Legend Is SAO Legends worth your time?

    Yes, I think SAO Legends is worth your time, it is a very fun MMO that you dont even need to download! The graphics look nice, the game play is fun and each fight feels different from the rest! At the beginning you have multiple different classes to choose from so you can choose how you want to figh...

  • SAO's Legend SAO's Legend is Pay to Win

    Saos Legend is a massive browser multiplayer game that incorporates fight unique beasts and creatures with an anime storyline. There are many flashy, detailed graphics, and small shiny icons that cover the entire screen. The messy and distracting screen makes gameplay and storyline hard to understan...

  • SAO's Legend The Game that Plays Itself

    I was playing SAOs legend in order to complete some quests and I was pleasantly surprised when I had to do virtually nothing at all. SAOs Legend is basically based off an anime and is a free to play MMORPG browser game by sword art online. You complete quests by defeating and battling monsters and t...

  • SAO's Legend Sao the legend or the loss?

    SAOs Legend is a popular online game in which you can directly play the SAO storyline, its quite fun if you are into its genre and especialy fun for fans of SAO. The game is a legend in theory but some say its a loss lets look through the game and see if it is truly the Legend or the Loss! The Gamep...

  • SAO's Legend The best SAO game on the internet.

    Hi there people! Many people have been talking about the cool game SAOs Legend based on the anime done by A-1 Pictures a really good one if i say so myself. Youll really, really enjoy this game if you liked the wonderful anime. The game lets you use character creation so you can be the next kirito i...


    Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you about the game SAOs Legend. I want to start by saying that if you saw the anime Sword Art Online, it will be exciting and nostalgic to play SAOs Legend. The game starts with the creation of your character, this according to the role you want to play. Sword...

  • SAO's Legend My personal experience 3

    SAOs Legend is completely different from the anime series, it may contain certain aspects of the tv series yet it does not follow the storyline. This multiplayer game requires fast action gameplay where there is a lot of stuff going on at the same time, each day by day there is tasks to complete how...

  • SAO's Legend How to get a lot of Bananas with SAO's Legend (Begginers Guide +How to level up fast)

    SAOs Legend is a MMO rpg that is easy to level up and get lots of bananas. To register: 1. Type your username 2. Type your e-mail 3. Type your password 4. Just re-type your password 5. Then just click register Now after you register you will have to check your email. to do that you simply have to go...

  • SAO's Legend Complete Guide to Level 68 (Quickest Way, about 3-5 hours)

    Welcome to my guide fellow Bananatics! Here is my guide to quickly get you your bananas and exp for SAO Legend, which in my opinion is a great game worth your time past the levels you earn in this guide. Now, there is something super, SUPER, important to tell you before you even start the game that...

  • SAO's Legend Is SAO's Legend worth playing?

    I originally picked up this game when I seen the offer on Bananatic. Ive been a fan of anime for about a year and a half, but have never seen Sword Art Online. So, I didnt think Id like the game. However, it was rather good for a browser game. For this reason, I kept on playing after I had completed...

  • SAO's Legend SAO's Legend : A casual mmo that's easy to grasp and easy to pick up

    SAOs Legend is one of the many games online thats easy to play and can become a little addicting, due to its auto pathing you wont get lost easily and you can effectively make progress, its an mmo so expect many players to be battling along your side, a random name is assigned but thankfully the use...

  • SAO's Legend One of the best to earn bananas on Banantic

    This game is an online mmorpg filled with grind grind and more grind, plenty of quests, items, bonuses, levels, and for us banantic maniacs : Bananas! Leveling up in this game is super easy, well for the quest that u need to achieve to get bananas on this site, the game is super friendly and literal...

  • SAO's Legend A Review for First-Time Play

    The game is kinda buggy, and i have a really beefy computer. the auto stuff is really buggy as well, i keep pausing randomly. in terms of gameplay it doesnt really strike me as something i would play on a regular basis. it would probably be nice for myself and other players for some sort of tutorial...

  • SAO's Legend Cannot be called a game

    For TL;DR please scroll to the bottom of the article/review. A while back I binge watched the entire series of Sword Art Online (SAO) with my husband. It was amazing, captivating and I simply adored everything from the art style to the plot to the music and beyond. So when we found out that there wa...