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Cannot be called a game

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A while back I binge watched the entire series of Sword Art Online (SAO) with my husband. It was amazing, captivating and I simply adored everything from the art style to the plot to the music and beyond. So when we found out that there was a game based on the Anime, both he and me were absolutely ecstatic. We wanted to play it, to experience the wonderful worlds that we had only been witness to so far.

I was the first to join Game Sprite and "play" through the game. I began by reading the pop-ups that came up and trying desperately to understand what I was supposed to be doing! In the end, it didn't really matter because the entirety of the game is auto-pathed, auto-battled, auto-played. The only user input that I have had to make so far is occasionally (approximately every 20 seconds) click on the accept and complete click-boxes for different quests. Equip automatically selected abilities, gear, features, etcetera.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
All of these reasons is why I believe this application/program cannot be called a "game" by any stretch of the imagination. You may be thinking, but it's shiny and it moves around and you can control everything that your character does and so on and so forth. Yes, that is true (technically, maybe). However, the definition of a game is as follows.

a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.
synonyms: pastime, diversion, entertainment, amusement, distraction, divertissement, recreation, sport, activity More
a type of activity or business, especially when regarded as a game.
"this was a game of shuttle diplomacy at which I had become adept"

The full definition does include a section for both adjective and verb, but neither of those really apply to this particular case.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This program does not seem to have any sort of competitive aspect or rules, more important skill, strength or luck have absolutely nothing to do with it. There is no chance that the AI will kill you if you just let it mindlessly run about the "game" world. There is no skill involved in choosing your equipment or abilities or the use in there of. And the only sort of strength that could possibly be exerted while experiencing this not quite game is by maintaining self-control and clicking on the text boxes instead of the very pretty red X at the top corner of the window.

All of that said, I would consider this a visual novel if anything. But I can't do that. Why? Because there is no story what so ever in the 1-2 sentence long click boxes.

Don't waste your computers processing power on this browser window pretending to be a browser based game. UNLESS! You are absolutely in love with quick bright flashes of pretty things that require no input on your part what so ever.

Easy and quick bananas though...
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