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SAO's Legend is completely different from the anime series, it may contain certain aspects of the tv series yet it does not follow the storyline. This multiplayer game requires fast action gameplay where there is a lot of stuff going on at the same time, each day by day there is tasks to complete however most of the time you need to pay with diamonds that can be bought from the shop with real money. The main feature of the game is the characters where you are able to choose from within the anime series, for example, I have chosen 'Kirito' as my main character, I am able to use their skills which is based on the anime series in the game, additionally they have unique battling styles that match their skill set. Silica is another character that you are able to select when first starting the game, they will have a unique weapon where you are able to use in-game.
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The game is fairly balanced and very difficult to level up, I have reached level 58 in just 2 days now which can be tiring and relatively boring quickly however with bonuses it is a bit quicker. A bug within the game is that the girlfriend is featured for a limited time and it does not tell you how to re-activate the girlfriend, however, this can be a nuisance when you need a sidekick and when you don't have any diamonds. Another problem is the fact that you have to level up your items with coins because coins can be difficult to obtain and the cost for upgrading is unbearable, although you are able to level up automatically you still need to upgrade your items to be a stronger character. Many new players may not prefer having so many events and activities that are only diamond worthy however it would be better if there was a diamond converter for money.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The inventory is a generic feature on most role-playing games but in SAO you can unlock each slot every time you rank up, this is relatively useful when having more space to put your items, there is also a place to store your items inside a warehouse which is useful when you get too many items however when items do overfill they get sent to your mailbox so that you can collect them later. I think SAO Legends is a good game for people that have already had experience but I don't think it is good for beginner players because they can get easily confused with all the events and activities that pop up when they first start to play the game. Another great feature about the inventory is that you are able to filter what you want to see and it shows you what is unlockable when you reach a certain level.
5.0 (1)
Author Edsnowey
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