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A Review for First-Time Play

The game is kinda buggy, and i have a really beefy computer. the auto stuff is really buggy as well, i keep pausing randomly. in terms of gameplay it doesnt really strike me as something i would play on a regular basis. it would probably be nice for myself and other players for some sort of tutorial that would explain all the features of the game, as i dont know what is really going on. as soon as i hopped onto the game it started the auto quest thing, so i just went along with it. there are a lot of things to take in in the game, which is great, but some explanation would be great. again, a lot of buggy things in the game, which really takes the fun out of the game. for example, the animations of things load in really slow, and the monsters that people need to fight against are kinda buggy as well.
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art is good, animations kinda low quality, small things in the game i dont like, like standing in what is supposed to be midair. would be nice if the game was much more smooth. this isnt really a big problem, as the gameplay itself isnt affected much by this. however, it would be nicer, smoother, and a much better eye candy thing if there was some small aesthetic type things changed in the game, to make it feel more realistic (as far as the game goes). animations for the actual game is kinda bad, but the animations for the side things are great. daily gifts are a great idea as well, as it encourages players to come back daily to collect those gifts. level system is great, i can level up relatively fast with little problem. again, as im playing through, i dont understand what a lot of these mean.
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overall, the game has some potential. if some more time and effort was put into the graphics the game would be great. another thing to consider would be the tutorial. i think that a tutorial would explain a lot about the game (obviously) and help players not get confused. if the player is confused they will probably not continue to play the game (again, obviously). improving the aesthetics of the game would be great as well. something that could make the game better is a storyline. for players who dont really understand SAO (like the anime or manga) it would be great if there was an original storyline to follow. again, as soon as i started playing the game, it gave me a quest which i just followed. i dont really see a clear storyline (which isnt a big problem) but it would make the game much better.
5.0 (1)
Author Lawless
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