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SAO's Legend is Pay to Win

Sao's Legend is a massive browser multiplayer game that incorporates fight unique beasts and creatures with an anime storyline. There are many flashy, detailed graphics, and small shiny icons that cover the entire screen. The messy and distracting screen makes gameplay and storyline hard to understand. it often leaves players bewildered on even what they are fighting for, and even what they are fighting. A major factor that contrubutes to the confusion, is the almost entirely automatic pathfinding. The game, completes quests for you and walks around for you and fights for you and also tells you what to upgrade and what to polish. This is a prime example of the downfall of a game with way too little player to game interaction. You click two buttons and the rest, the game does my itself, which is kind of boring.
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Too much auto pathfinding also gives players less freedom, less control over what they can do. Most of the first fifty levels are almost completely controlled by the game. I seriously doubt half of the players know what is going on in the anime with all the flashing graphics and the fast paced quest completion. Some benefits of this process is that you can just leave the game run as a background while focusing your attention on something else. This may be very beneficial if you just want to finish the quest objectives, as you level up like a maniac. You level up, probably every 7 seconds and in the beginning, you go up 5 levels in just 7 seconds, which is a little to fast paced for me. It took me about 10 minutes to get to level 35 and my attention was not fully on the game. Leveling up fast, may be a benefit or not.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Another big problem with this game is the amount of pay to win it has. The prices are absolutely ridiculous, I do not know a single person that are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a game, however, there are. As you get to more of the Pvp areas, its basically all pay to win there. The players are too decked out to play practically, unless somehow, you are very very good. Everywhere on the screen, there are flashing icons telling me to buy some vip package or in game currency and limited time items. I am not joking when i say there are at least 15 icons blasting at me. It gets very annoying, especially when you are trying to focus on the game. Something I found interesting, is as you level up, you get a girlfriend to fight alongside you. What about women playing the game? You get more pets to fight alongside you as you level up.
5.0 (1)
Author cheryling
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