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Alto’s Odyssey
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Alto's Odyssey review-simple and beautiful

Although there is no such plot in the game, I will still try to give it just a little, for an excursion into what is happening.
In this part, the game takes place in a hot desert, where the main character, Alto, arrived in order to see the world around them: cold tundra, where he was born. For a long time, while still a child, he read legends about some incredible land, radically different from the area where it is dangerous to leave the house without warm clothes, and snow and blizzard are commonplace. The scorching sun of the desert did not diminish the breeze that streams in the face, and the hot sands did not diminish the ability to slide, but, now, not on a snowboard, as it was before.
The fact is that the game has a playable character who, according to the plot, played the role of an engineer-inventor, this character invented a snowboard for the hot desert sands! The special coating of the board makes it possible to slide on the slopes of the desert, as well as, if conditions are met, on the rock! This is just an incredible mechanic that every player should experience.


- Wonderful atmosphere.

- Great soundtrack.

- Original gameplay and idea.

- Main screen. I just can't walk past this incredible menu.

The main screen of the game changes depending on the weather in which the main character will be for a while. Even quests will be connected with the weather, they say, take a ride in the rain, survive a thunderstorm, etc. If we swipe to the left, then we will be shown an advertisement of the previous part of the game, and if to the right - Zen-mode. This mode was created for those who want to immerse themselves in the game as much as possible without completing any tasks. In this case, in Zen mode, by the way, the music will be different than in the main game.

It is a really small thing but how cool it is!


- Bugs. Sadly in this game, I sometimes meet bugs that make gameplay impossible, like cliffs that you can't jump over.

- Storyline. This part's storyline is smaller than at first part.

The presented game is already the second in the universe of the Alto series from the developers of "Snowman". The first part was called "Alto's Adventure" and was released as a small indie game in 2015. Even from the first part, beloved by the players. the first part was really high quality, but personally, I liked the second part much more!

In comparison with the first part of the odyssey, it looks and plays many times better and more colorful, so the developers have an excellent continuation of the series, even better than the first. I can only say that I am waiting for the third part, where everything will become even better than before!

There are so many moments in the game when you doubt that this is an ordinary world, and not a magical one; waterfalls pour straight from the sky, and balloons fly right in the abyss; here there are places of many temples, and there are places of backwaters. I am glad that I had the opportunity to play such a game, which is what I wish for you.

5.0 (1)
Author DeathFireLord
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