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How to reach level 10 as fast as possible in Harvest land

When u start playing the game all you have to do at the start is to complete the tutorial. It’s important that when the tutorial says that have to use diamonds that u don’t use them because u will need them later. After u have completed the tutorial u will be lvl 4 the levels will get harder and harder but right now at lvl 4 it is not hard. When your trying to get experience points always do the boat orders they don’t give u a lot but it’s an easy way of getting experience points. It’s important to feed ur animals when an apple or a seed pops up always click it since u will get 10 experience points which is a lot. Try to remove bushes, stones and trees since u get experience points and u get more space for building and u get wood, stone and seeds. When u have removed most of the things on ur farm u will get to lvl 5. When u reach lvl 5 then u can build a lot of things. Always build what u can since when u do u get a lot of experience points and this will get u up levels.

To get experience points faster try to collect all the apples and plant only wheat because it gives more experience points. But u can plant corn if you want to feed ur chickens or if you take a break or something always remember to plant corn. If you have everything removed like stones, bushes and trees then there should be a monster that u can defeat. If u don’t have wood u can make it in the sawmill. U need wood because u have to make the shield that u need and u need to make a club. When you have those then you can fight the monster it’s in important to fight the monster because when u defeat u unlock a new area and u get 200 experience points. When u get the new area try to destroy stones, trees and bushes. When you finally reach level 6 then you can build the kitchen and u can get another crop. It’s important that u always build new building since they will always help u. There is also badges u can get and if you get them u tons of diamonds and u get a lot of experience points.

When u reach lvl 7 u unlock hard wood and this is important to be used when u are taking a break. When u are going to sleep try to make this since it will give you a lot of experience points and u will need it for boat orders and u will need it for building. Also when u reach lvl 7 u can start repairing the quarry and u can build another builders house. It’s important to repair the quarry since it gives u a lot of experience points and u can tap out of your game and give your builders food for experience points u can do this unlimited times until the building time is finished. This is important to do since when u do it u can get a badge in game that gives u a lot of experience points. If you repair the quarry and do the strategy where u tap out and give your builder and u plant on all the crops and u collect the apples every time then you can get to level 8,9 and 10 in no time. Also for doing it faster u have to feed al your animals when you can since that is also a badge and build everything as fast as possible since that is also an badge. U can also bake bread and remove stones, bushes trees and everything helps to get u up in levels.

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