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Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about the game SAO's Legend.
I want to start by saying that if you saw the anime Sword Art Online, it will be exciting and nostalgic to play SAO's Legend.
The game starts with the creation of your character, this according to the role you want to play. Swordman, Ranger, Priest and Knight. It should be noted that each role has a gender in specific man or woman and for example you can not have a male priest or a female knight.
After you choose your role, the game offers you the option of randomly naming your character, something very useful if you are one of the people who bother to think of a name for MMORPG game characters because most of the names you like They are chosen. Although you can also baptize your character with the name you want as long as this name has not been chosen by another character.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
When you start your character in the virtual world of SAO and talk to the first NPC, the game offers you the option of automatically guiding you to the areas where you must perform the quest, this option is activated just by selecting with the mouse pointer the quest that you must perform; Once you click on the mission the character will run to the site and will even automatically fight against the monsters of the mission, and if you must collect some special material, the system will make sure that your character does it for you. Then the character will go to the quest delivery point where manually you must complete it.

The game gives you a Girlfriend that will last a limited time unless you pay to have it continuously, and also offers you a pet that will always accompany you and help you to fight against the monsters of the world without limit. Likewise, the game gives you a mount so you can quickly move around the map, although this feature is usually not very effective thanks to the teleport offered by the missions.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game also has many events so in that aspect is versatile and entertaining, you can do any of the following tasks:
Quest of the bride: it consists in assassinating some boss in a time limit.
Boss of the world: according to your level you can access one or more boss to kill and win prizes.
Dungeon of the world: you can participate in a dungeon to which everyone has access to obtain prizes for mounts.
Fairy Quest: a succession of 20 quest that consists basically in murdering monsters of the world.
Captured spy: consists of punishing a captured spy.
 Escort the coach: it consists of escorting a car until it reaches its goal.
Guild Quest: a succession of 20 quest that also consists of killing monsters of the world.
There are many other events in the game, but in reality they become repetitive and reduce to killing monsters.
In general, SAO is an MMORPG that is entertaining and visually beautiful, it offers you the opportunity to play an MMORPG without having to be addicted to it and it will give you several hours of fun in exchange for a minimum of gaming effort.
I highly recommend playing it to people who have little time to devote to an MMORPG game and still want to play them without sacrificing their obligations.

bye bye good luck
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Author Vash.
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