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Another sad game That I dont want to play.

Hello friends, Let me tell you, Sword art online is a Great Anime Based on a Fictional Game, That game could have Been Epic, instead we are given These sad attempts at Gaining Money, as everything wants you to buy Something.
First off This Top down 2.5D Click to move game could have been fun, but it was Not, Terrible Servers, No community, GFX glitching out, Mobs not doing what they are supposed to, And basically you don't need to "play" this game, as it will, Auto Quest, and auto battle for you, and i have not explored yet but I'm sure there is an Auto Sell, Auto buy, you get my Point, Great game to shut the sound off of and Put in the background while at work, a great game to play if you don't want to play games, because you don't have to, Any how its just not very fun For me.

Good stuff:
Decent colors, Music is okay at first, level designs, Story.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So this game has a Cash shop, and it throws all these little stupid bubbles up in the top right of your screen and as you can see they flood a lot of the screen out, there is no way I have found to Hide them or remove them they are just there, Most of the bubbles want to take you to the cash shop, or have you Buy diamonds, or this or that, its really annoying and cuts a lot of Visual pleasure from the game, at Least for me, Also not much else in the way of HUD options, if your going to play this i advise Playing in Full screen (F11) as this will give you some extra Room to see what you are doing, That being said Frankly its just not my cup of tea, I hate lack of customization for HUD's, and lack of character customization, which in this is No changing armor with upgrades, but that is fine i can work past that, just not these stupid bubbles.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The Inventory and Character skills in this game are decent, You unlock the Spaces in your inventory as you go, you get a Lot of free stuff as you progress, Including mounts upgrades, Follower, or "Girlfriend" Upgrades, Upgrades for armor, and weapons, minimal Sorting options, semi confusing Interface in Some cases (look for fine print), The tutorials are not bad, But reaching back to the first Review Bit, Everything can be automated (is by default) so if you want all you really gotta do is click "finish quest" and "accept Quest" Which maybe good for young children who cannot Read well yet or Just need some Flashy colors, and wants to feel like they are doing something, However For some one like me, Its all about the bananas, Meaning I would not have given this game as much of my time as i did, save for the fact i got something out of it.
5.0 (1)
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