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Complete Guide to Level 68 (Quickest Way, about 3-5 hours)

Welcome to my guide fellow Bananatics! Here is my guide to quickly get you your bananas and exp for SAO Legend, which in my opinion is a great game worth your time past the levels you earn in this guide. Now, there is something super, SUPER, important to tell you before you even start the game that I have never really experienced in a game before: the speed of your levels depend on the server you are on. If you want to get to level 68 the quickest, you HAVE to play on an old server (say US Server 51 instead of US 5241) or else you will have a very hard time leveling. I didn't know this and accidentally became one of the top 100 players before realizing nobody on the server was even level 68. So, take this into mind unless you want to spend a lot, lot more time getting to level 68! Also, for the sake of disclosure, I used a Swordsman for my main character. Now onto the guide.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The three quests we are going to be doing in this game for the sake of getting you bananas and experience points are for the levels 25, 40, and 68. Now if you've selected an old server like I said before, this should take you no time at all but in the higher levels the leveling does slow down a bit (you'll earn level 25 within a good 10 minutes or so). The main thing to do to get to these levels is to pay close attention to the quests on the right side of your screen. There you should be able to find an underlined word at the end of the quest's description with a person's name or monster's name and if you click it it will auto-pathfind for you and take you to them as quickly as possible. If it's a person you'll talk to them and a quest will come up in the middle screen to accept or finish, just always click the button. If it's a monster then it'll take you to it and auto-battle it/them. There's also an auto-battle button just in case it turns off for some reason that's located in the bottom right part of the screen above the icon "Character".
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
To hasten your leveling there are also a few other systems that should be explained. Be sure to follow the first of these to get 500% more exp per hour!

1. Along the way of leveling you should get something called a 500% Experience Sphere (or it might be gem) that when you hover over it with your mouse will say that it will "earn you 500% more experience points for 1 hour". Use this as soon as you have an hour available to use it. During my time playing there were also Anniversary Giftpacks that gave you one of these free and I got a good 2-5 in the few hours I played so there was enough to use every hour once I got them. There's also a 1000% sphere but it's luck based if you get one or a specific quest.

2. Along the way you might wonder what "BP" or "Battle Points" are. You do not need to worry about them an awful lot but they are essentially how powerful your character is combined with its ATK, DEF etc. Along the way you'll get new gear and in the bottom right part of the screen it'll alert you when you have acquired better gear, which you should immediately press "Equip Now". When you get a good set and are hard pressed to advance, use the ATK/DEF/HP gems in your inventory to upgrade your equipment (select a gem or crystal, press left click on it, press Use, then select which item you want to upgrade, press Upgrade until you have none left).

3. COR is the money used in the game. There's Bound COR and regular COR and you should have no problem getting either up to level 68. If you need potions along the way click on Shop (lower left side) in your inventory (Backpack icon) and buy some potions for your level (level 3 potions are level 50 etc., your character automatically uses them).

4. If you're near death just run away for a minute, regain health and go back to attacking, the monster will not heal itself.

Now if you followed this guide and played on an old server, auto-pathed your way in quests, used 500% experience points gems, upgraded your equip by using the Equip Now button when you get new and better gear and then upgrading that good gear, you should have no problem getting to level 68 in 3-5 hours. I hope this helped you on your path to being an SAO Legend master! If you enjoy the game be sure to keep playing :)
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