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Sao the legend or the loss?

SAO's Legend is a popular online game in which you can directly play the SAO storyline, its quite fun if you are into its genre and especialy fun for fans of SAO. The game is a legend in theory but some say its a loss lets look through the game and see if it is truly the Legend or the Loss! The Gameplay is simple, Complete quests to earn XP and level up but thats not all, there are other things such as daily events, special events for holidays, and even challenges for SAO masters! Third there are Guilds just like the guilds in Sword Art Online, join and play make friends and even lead your own guild! The simplest way to explain is by watching people play or playing your self but thats not what written reviews are for i will tell you this, the game can be simple or hard depending on how you play.
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The battle mechanics are next to talk about, You can auto battle with build in botting, or you can battle manually, the quests must be accepted and finished by your own hands, you cannot simply leave the game running which is why its a game and not a movie or anything. Simply put you must be willing to interact with the game as you would with any other games be it FPS or even point and click games But SAO's legend is different its about the story of Aincrad the world that SAO was placed in, you can play as Kirito himself our esteemed hero. but thats not all you can pick from classes to be your own hero. I always enjoyed the knight class as it is one of the strongest classes in my opinion. Many favor the battle of other classes and thats what its for so that you can choose your best style, some choose to be the healer, and others the tank we call a knight. either way its sure to make an interesting choice.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The guilds are a major part of SAO the moonlit cats from the original anime are present for storyline, the sadness that SAO created and built up in our hearts has always remained there no matter who you are. SAO's guild functions are fun but its not all you can do there's the Party function from the actual SAO anime as well. To beat this game you must be skilled in understanding how it works you cant just paly willy nilly But thats the thing it doesn't start as to hard or to easy it starts out just right for most gamers, sure sometimes you need to try a little harder to play but in the end its all about how much you want to play and beat the game! the thing is a game isn't about gliding through or struggling its about wanting to play and win its about Wanting to be the best! And now i say in conclusion i believe that SAO's Legend was truly the legend And not the loss!
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