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SAO's Legend : A casual mmo that's easy to grasp and easy to pick up

SAO's Legend is one of the many games online thats easy to play and can become a little addicting, due to its auto pathing you wont get lost easily and you can effectively make progress, its an mmo so expect many players to be battling along your side, a random name is assigned but thankfully the username you chose is put at the top for quest completion. this game could easily be played while watching youtube or maybe playing something else on the side like hearthstone or looking through bananatics other missions/quests. In my opinion this game is amazing in its graphics and gameplay for being something browser based and im sure it will gain more content as players join in, this is something im sure any anime fan will enjoy due to its subject matter and the characters involved in it, have fun on your adventures!
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Its rather easy to level up in this game, within a matter of minutes i made it to level 12 and am half way to completing the first quest this site offers for the game, I'm sure you can easily level to level 25 for the quest in about an hour, this game can suck you in if you're a fan of the anime its based off of and it can surely provide some fun on a rainy day or during some downtime, there are four classes to choose from, swordsman was my choice due to being able to play as kirito but part of me wishes that there was some character creation or something, the screen being full of nothing but kirito clones can be a bit unnerving or confusing at times, maybe the devs could work on that at some point but for now, the game is still great! i recommend this 100% and i love the experience it gives.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
in conclusion, this is an easy game to pick up and play regularly or during your free time, I'd advise doing all the quests this site offers for this game due to the easy leveling and the ability to set it aside to to the auto pathing! this can be an amazing game to pay attention to if you'd like, you do have to accept quests manually in game but it is still easy! within minutes you'll be gathering gear and within an hour or two you'll be meeting new people through the game , finding new gear, making decisions and finding new mounts to ride, SAO's Legend is one of the better games offered to us through bananatic and im happy to have been able to write this review, In the end i'd say this game is a 10/10 for a game you can pick up online and play for free, it can distract you for hours and be a pleasant experience!
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Author markovman
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