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  • World of Tanks Something I want to say

    "World of tank" the problem is that it often in the same link often from "amazing" to "depressing", this is a game I like, in addition to all the ones I prepared from my hard drive. Every few times, there will be some technical mistakes. Very often, I have an authentication error and can not log in...

  • World of Tanks A Noobs Opinion to WoT

    I have been playing WoT for a little over a month now and honestly I can say that I am hooked. The controls are very easy to adjust to and the gameplay is easy to pick up. Average matches take no more than 15 minutes to complete and last usually around 5 minutes sometimes 10 for long ones. When I fi...

  • World of Tanks World of Tanks is a hyper realistic tank game

    Before I began playing this game, I was used to smaller, less detailed action games. The only other tank MMO that I played was Tanki Online, which dealt with fantasy weapons and tanks. So when I began the download for WoT, I saw that the game was larger than I expected, 3 GB. Because I was on a mete...

  • World of Tanks Best Tank Game Out There

    There are many great tank or battle arena games out there or here on Bananatic Games Portal. Honourable mentions include War Thunder and Tanki Online, but World of Tanks must take the trophy for the best tank battle game available. Even better its free, but thats not the point. I think for a truly g...

  • World of Tanks Ahhh World of Tanks - do you love it or hate it?

    What is world of tanks? world of tanks is an online free to play multiplayer simulation. You play as a tank and there is one main objective, Destroy all enemies. You can play as many different types of tanks, light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and even SPG "Self-Propelled Guns"....

  • World of Tanks How to get good at World of Tanks

    World at Tanks is your go to game for realistic tank warfare, but not everyone is good at it. Like any player, I too struggled to get on my feet in World of Tanks, but once you know the tactics and the reasons you are struggling, you will find it easy. In this guide, I will tell you three main thing...

  • World of Tanks The Word of Tanks Review

    The World of Tanks (not first in the series of many) is a multiplayer, tank simulator game which involves a player to control a tank and either capture an objective or destroy as many tanks as possible in a team. This isnt the first game the developers of this game have created, it also includes ano...

  • World of Tanks How to move around the map and be hard to spot

    World of Tanks is a game about tanks as you are probably aware. The game includes many tanks and has a nice community in which you are very welcome. It is an strategic game where your every move counts and your every move can either lead you to the VICTORY or to the LOSS. You may not always win the...

  • World of Tanks Surprising Outlook on an Old Game

    World of Tanks is one of the first games I have ever played. It was the key to a whole new world for me. Previously, I was never really into games and was more of an outdoor person actively involved in sports. However, one day I happened upon World of Tanks at the recommendation of a friend and deci...

  • World of Tanks World of Tanks - Review

    Gameplay: Apart from the occasional uncooperative teammate, players are friendly and are willing to work together and take on the enemy! Teamwork is a major part of this game. In order to win battles you must protect sniping tank destroyers and artillery, while also taking out enemy tanks. There are...

  • World of Tanks World of tanks review

    This game is pretty fun. In this game, 7 tanks vs 7 tanks. The objective of this game is to destroy the enemys tank with your team mates. In this process, you have to try not to get killed. After each battle, you get money so that you can pay for the amount of bullets you used. This money can also b...