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World of Tanks
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"World of tank" the problem is that it often in the same link often from "amazing" to "depressing", this is a game I like, in addition to all the ones I prepared from my hard drive.

Every few times, there will be some technical mistakes. Very often, I have an authentication error and can not log in to my account. After a few minutes, it started working again. Sometimes, my control will somehow get out of control. All my settings are lost, and I have to remap everything, which is the boring and the hardest task in flight simulation. Do not waste time on controller wizard. This is the least effective guide to the Wizard of Oz.

The world of tank seems to be often a crumbling building. There are so many places that do not seem to be done or have problems. This is intolerable, except for all those times it is actually sublime.
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My newest tank - like the one in front of it - will roll up a smoldering heap on the hillsides of some artillery with plenty of friends and enemies next to it. I have accepted my fate very well, before the first cannon rang throughout the country. However, this does not stop my excitement about the strategic possibilities and crazy armor shows, as I am prepared to fight in this tank-centric strategic multiplayer shooter. That is because the more you dig into it, the world of tanks will evolve into a delightful playground for rolling metal and military power.
The original PC version of the Tank World has been developed and developed for quite a number of three years since it was first launched, with a renewed array of visual booms, new battlegrounds, and many additional tanks added to the heap. While a steady stream of tempting new content allows players to stay longer in battle, this is the most important foundation. In game design, one can easily imagine the attention of the player in the history of the war to the details. From the true appearance of each tank model to every function and handle on the battlefield, the details are meticulous. Coolest, however, is that the world of tanks is by no means boring and complex. Grab your first tank and fight it effortlessly, with a streamlined control plan that gives you a lot of mobility without getting you into trouble with too many orders. Essentially, you drive, aim, shoot. It's easy, though the tactical nuances of combat go far beyond this, and this accessibility can also penetrate the battle.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Adventurous players who are interested in taking a deep dive into ammunition types, armor possibilities, and crew training bunker holes will find these systems adding interesting depths to combat. However, they can easily be left out of the way if you focus on your actions and strategize on the fly. Emphasizing victory by killing or captive, seldom fights will increase under the 15-minute limit. However, as the types and ranks of tanks are balanced in each conflict, triumphs are as common as narrow battles. My favorite few victories can even come down to the last game, which is a fierce way to win your team's fight. Losses can also be very interesting, just as invaluable moment, I put my damaged armored forces rushed from the cliff at full speed, hit the enemy tanks below, in the process destroyed us.
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