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Although it may not seem at first glance, proper preparation in the garage before entering the battle is as indispensable as the battlefield performance itself. If you are a fan of style: Turn on tanks, quickly click the Battle button and "Hrrrr on them", please slow down for a moment. Maybe you just miss a lot of important factors that have their place outside the battlefield.


The modules are called all replaceable parts of the tank, even if they exist in only one variant and do not have a competitive alternative. These are mainly cannons, towers, belts, etc. The order in which bust should gradually unlock individual modules is dependent on the specific model of the tank and I will not break it down here. However, we will try to take a closer look at the situation when you already have the vehicle in an elite state, so it is entirely up to you to choose which modules to mount.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Choosing the right modules quickly affects the resulting characteristics of the tank and can completely change its playing style. The simple rule applies to most modules: The higher the level and the deeper in the vehicle technology tree, the better the module. One more advantage is to pay. Tanks, which you get for real money are always better, than normal ones.

The only exception is the cannon of the tank. In many cases, you have a choice of several parallel branches of research that reveal different types of works. There are clouds so what the hell do you choose? How about a howitzer (or derp)? I saw a video of someone killing a one-shot tank with him - that must be the right choice.

Definitely not! Just because in one case you will be able to decimate a poor enemy from a huge number of battles due to a mounted howitzer, this is not automatically the best choice of cannon. Even the opposite is usually the case. Your goal is consistent good results, not reliance on chance.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Therefore, always try to select the gun that makes the tank reach the highest DPM (damage done per minute). Ideally, at the same time, look mainly at the penetration values ​​(if you will not shoot through, not even amazing DPM), gun accuracy and aiming time. Thus, the most balanced module is often the most balanced compromise than the mentioned parameters.

If you are still unsure of what combination to choose, consult sophisticated sources such as WOT Wiki, etc. Advice from a friend, even though well thought, may not always be 100% correct.


The main problem is, that my tutorial has limits and World of Tanks is a really huge and comprehensive game. It means, that there are only two ways, how to be good at this game: Learn everything on your own and waste a lot of time or read next articles, study, train and finally, be good player. So remember, more you train in the training centre, less blood you lost in the battlefield.

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