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World of Tanks
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A Noobs Opinion to WoT

I have been playing WoT for a little over a month now and honestly I can say that I am hooked. The controls are very easy to adjust to and the gameplay is easy to pick up. Average matches take no more than 15 minutes to complete and last usually around 5 minutes sometimes 10 for long ones. When I first got started I was a bit confused as to what line I should go down or even what style of a tank I liked playing in. ut that in and of itself is part of the fun. After several dozen games, i got picked up I a group by a more experienced player and got a ton of helpful advice about positioning the different tank types and when and when not to shoot. Heck, they even added me to their friend's list and we play together every now and then. On the other hand, there are some members of the community that can be salty as all heck. But honestly, that just comes with games like this. In the end, it is a competition and folks do not like to lose.
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From my time spent playing I will wholeheartedly suggest you pick up the Fench lie to get started. They are dreadfully slow at the start but quite powerful. Most upgrades you pick up on one line will apply also to the others. For example, the main gun on my B1 was already unlocked when I got the upgrade because the same gun is used in the amx40. There are many more examples of this throughout the line which will save you time and EXP. The downside to the French besides the speed that is is later tiers their armor is rather on the weak side. So by the time you are in Tier V you will want to start learning other lines. I would suggest the American medium line which eventually goes into the heavy line. The Russian TD line which is really overpowered though lacks in turret rotation. And the German light line which are really fast and good spotters .
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Overall my experience in the game has been very positive and I would highly recommend this game to others who enjoy this style of play. At first, it felt as though I was playing with RC race cares lol but eventually I got into the whole story of it. I really enjoy that they show the history of the tanks in the descriptions. I do wish that I had not wasted a large amount of time going down the Chinese heavy line though but hey it was an experience and this game even on the wrong line is still fun to play. I would have to give this game a 4 out of 5 stars and highly suggest it to others for play. And if anyone cares to try it out please feel free to add me as a friend and I will gladly play along if I am online at the same time as you. My username is sorrowhawk and I am usually on in the early afternoons central standard time
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