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World of Tanks
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World of Tanks Beginner Tips

Starting out in World of Tanks can be a difficult process if you don't know what you're doing. in fact, made by beginners of this game is assuming you can play it with the same tactics and strategies as any other battlefield simulation game.

There is a massive learning curve in World of Tanks due to the extensive varieties of maps, ranging from narrow roads going through cities to massive open fields with little cover, which leads to the first tip: know your map. Before any game, look at the map and identify the main area and any long lines of sights you should avoid. You should also try to find an angle you can hold to cut off any moving enemies. Doing this before you even move can help you get into position before the enemy, therefore giving you an instant advantage. Of coarse, map knowledge doesn't come in a day, and this will take a while to master.
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The next tip seems simple but is often overlooked: be very, very patient. World of Tanks is not a game that rewards you for actively seeking out the enemies. Once you have and angle, keep it. Only move if spotted or if there are no enemies around. This slow approach to the game allows you to pick off easy moving targets in the safety of cover, while preventing other from doing the same to you. If you must move, try to stay with as many teammates as possible. When a push is necessary, the goal is to overwhelm the enemy, and although it may get you killed, your team will win in the end. Unlike other games, baiting is essential to picking off enemies.

Progressing in World of Tanks is a slow but careful process. When you main your first tank immediately look through possible progression tasks and prioritize one.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Deciding your end goal will motivate you to keep grinding as well as allow you to get used to a certain line of tanks, making it so you have the ability to use any tank you own effectively. A mistake every player is guilty of is picking a tank and manning it due to how it looks, completely ignoring its stats. Make sure before you purchase a tank, you understand how it works and determine if it fits your plau style. Deviating from your tank due to its looks will be a major setback in your progression.

The last thing to remember while playing World of Tanks is to keep grinding. Seeing how slow you progress is really, really demotivating, but understand that everyone at every skill level started with the same struggles. Knowing this really improves the quality of the game and the enjoyment you get out of it.
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