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  • 4Story 4Story: Rise of Gor a MMORPG

    4Story takes the graphic style of World of Warcraft. Unlike the latter, it is possible to play for free but the game has a "Item Shop" fee. To be able to acquire items from the Item Shop, you must order moonstones (more commonly known as pdl players) via the games website. This game includes thousan...

  • 4Story A game you've already seen many times

    4Story is the classic MMORPG fantasy free to play, conceptually already seen but still well done. Overall it is one of the many alternatives on the net, not comparable to the new generation titles but still suitable for those looking for a role playing game in Italian and can also work on older and...

  • 4Story This game got broken...

    Last time I was mentioning Minecraft on Bananapedia as being one of my first games, but there’s something bigger before it. Obviously Metin 2 and 4Story. I will post the review on the first one much later. Now I want to present you how 4STORY was and what became of it after the most „ugly” patch in...