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A game you've already seen many times

4Story is the classic MMORPG fantasy free to play, conceptually already seen but still well done. Overall it is one of the many alternatives on the net, not comparable to the new generation titles but still suitable for those looking for a role playing game in Italian and can also work on older and less powerful computers.
First you will have to create your character, choosing between one of the three available races: human, feline and fairies. Once you have chosen the race, sex, face and colors of your avatar, you will have to choose one of the six classes at your disposal: magician, priest, summoner, warrior, knight and archer, each with their own characteristics, exclusive abilities and clothes. To test the game, I chose the summoner, a class that is certainly very entertaining and capable of summoning creatures of all kinds, enslaving the defeated monsters and calling them back into battle to fight. Once the game has started you can choose to face the tutorial and familiarize yourself with the game controls or skip the learning phase and access the world of 4Story directly. At this point you will receive the first missions to complete, you will face new creatures and you will be able to level your character.

One of the original aspects of this MMORPG concerns the skills, which will all be available from the first level. You will be able to take advantage of different skills, different from each other and exclusive of the class you have chosen, some defensive and others of attack, some able to cure the character, evoke companions ready to fight and so on. Progressing in the game, gaining experience and leveling up you will get special points to redistribute as you like, which will serve to enhance the skills making them even more useful and effective. At the beginning of the game you will receive an unusual gift, a horse with which you can move faster and explore the magical world of 4Story.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game offers remarkable automatisms that allow even the laziest players to progress at the speed of light. Just click on the appropriate button to move the character automatically and direct it to the area required by the missions. It will find and attack the enemies on its own, while the only thing you will have to deal with is to collect the objects released by the killed mobs. Once the objectives are achieved, the character will return from the NPC to finish the quest, you will receive the reward and accept the next mission. That said, it is good to clarify that you will still be free to play without using these automatisms, or manually moving your avatar and following the arrow positioned on the ground to reach the areas required by the various quests, attacking enemies, choosing which skills to use, collecting objects and so on.
4Story offers a mediocre graphic sector, more than enough but in any case not up to the most modern role-playing games currently in circulation. Despite the detail of the textures is not at all exciting, we must still appreciate the style with which the developers have created not only the scenarios but especially the many fantasy creatures in the game, some really designed with care and pleasant to see. Even the fights, as static and typical of the classic MMORPG, offer some effects and animations that accompany the use of skills and make the clashes more dynamic and compelling, especially when using a class that can cast spells or summon monsters ready to fight.

Nothing new with regard to the user interface, classic in all respects, with the typical skill bar at the bottom, the mini-map and the chat with which to communicate with other players. Anyone who has a minimum of familiarity with RPGs will therefore have no difficulty familiarizing themselves with the game and will immediately be able to participate without problems.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The typical free to play role-playing game, conceptually classic and with a whole series of features and features already seen in many other titles. The ability to use all the skills from the first session of the game certainly simplifies the progression, allowing the first levels to take advantage of many skills able to take out enemies in a couple of shots. The initial mount also ensures a higher movement speed, which combined with the autowalk system make the entire gaming experience within the reach of anyone, even those who have never played before a MMORPG. Once you reach the tenth level you will have to choose which side to choose from, opting between one of the two countries in conflict: Derion and Valorian. Depending on what will be your choice you will be taken to a certain area, from which you will continue to accept missions and fight for rewards and experience points. You can also upgrade your skills, buy better mounts, build powerful weapons and get armor worthy of the name.

Finally, it is good to know that at the level of PvP you can attack any player of the opposing faction, both at sight and during the daily wars between kingdoms. By winning the clashes against the other participants you can get honor and credits, as you can lose them in case of defeat. Credits will be used to buy the useful ingredients to forge special items, while increasing the number of defeated enemies will mean improving your position in the general classification.
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