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  • Game of Thrones An opinion of a Gacha Player

    Gacha life is a wonderful game where you can create your own anime, it is for all ages that have creative minds, it allows people to express their true imagination and turn it into something visual. Their are many different settings for your own ideal characters you create in the game, a wide variet...

  • Game of Thrones Gachalife Review by Anvil Games & Entertainment

    Gacha life is a sandbox type of game where you get to create characters and make stories about them. The characters appear like Japanese anime or chibi. I recommend this game for kids at least seven years old who are creative and would like to turn their stories into comic videos. The instructions a...

  • Game of Thrones A Familiar Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones the game is a complex MMORTS that plays much like many other titles of that genre most closely resembling another game ive played called Lords. While having many if not all the same features Game of Thrones isnt just a re-skin of such game even though it could be argued it is, but ho...