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An opinion of a Gacha Player

Gacha life is a wonderful game where you can create your own anime, it is for all ages that have creative minds, it allows people to express their true imagination and turn it into something visual. Their are many different settings for your own ideal characters you create in the game, a wide variety of facial features, clothing, accessories, sizing, different movements and so much more! You can basically do anything with Gacha Life, you can move the characters at anytime and anywhere. One of my favourite features in the game is the text bubbles you can give your characters ,it gives you the opportunity to make your characters say anything they want. You can have up to 8 characters in the game, both female and male. You can play mini games to earn diamonds which are used to buy presents. As long as there is parental guidance, the game is most definitely appropriate for young ones to play. There are so many more things to try out in Gacha Life! Make sure to download it to discover more :)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

My little sister quite enjoys the game, she creates stories with the characters she has designed by turning a few screenshots of her sequels into short videos that she has edited. Many people that have watched her videos find it very entertaining and love to watch more. She has posted many of her videos and has received plenty positive feedback. I’ve included one of her edits in this review with her permission. There are many Gacha creators that do the same thing as her, depending on how good their stories and editing are they can make money from many different social media’s. It takes time and effort to make good stories, if you know the game well you won’t have much of a problem trying to find certain things ,create in a shorter amount of time and know how to do many things. What’s nice about the app is that you can customize your own outfits, which could also benefit your clothing choices in real life, well at least for me it does! There are so many factors that Gacha Life has that can improve your real life.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I highly recommend it for people that want to work in any type of entertainment industry that includes; game designing, comics,cartoons etc. or even just for fun. I would recommend this game to persons from the ages 8 upwards. The reason why I don’t recommend it for younger is because some of them might not even know how to control a device, although that all depends on certain factors. Gacha life is a child friendly game and I don’t see anything wrong with it, you can download it on many platforms too. I know for a fact that many people do and will enjoy this game. The quality of the game is perfect for that “anime” look, the characters have cute facial expressions and an exquisite sense of fashion and detail. The colors are bright and bold, pastel and luminous. The game it’s self is really eye catching. So do yourself a favor and try out Gacha Life, I know for a fact you’ll enjoy it and never get bored of it :) stay imaginative and creative then you won’t have a problem!

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