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  • Castle Woodwarf 2 How to play Brawl Stars.

    When you first enter Brawl stars, you do tutorials. After that, you can fight with other users, and most of them have to fight with ai, not users, until the trophy 100.In this game, theres a thing called ammunition, usually three rounds at most, so you cant attack because you have to load it until t...

  • Castle Woodwarf 2 if ur bored play brawl stars

    IF YOU ARE BORED, THEN PLAY BRAWL STARS!Fun! Building camaraderie! Think wisely!is some advantages you can get when you play BRAWL STARS!So, what are you waiting for? Download the app then play. It’s FREE!!! This game is about having fun. It can be played by kids and adults! Yes! Adults may also hav...