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  • Darkmoon Realm This is my first look at DarkMoon and so far it's kinda confusing

    Hi there, Im new to this site but Im already having some fun. Im currently playing a game called Dark Moon Realm. I choose this game as it had quite an appealing name. When i started the game, loads of instructions and guides popped up onto the screen. Also i never knew the character moved by it sel...

  • Darkmoon Realm Is this even a game? I wouldn't think so.

    While there is a genre of games known as "Idle" games, it is a question of intent perhaps more so than quality that determines what we classify as an "Idle" game. An idle game is deliberately designed for one to step away from the game to allow it to progress. Games like Idle Champions and Cookie cl...

  • Darkmoon Realm Automatic system can be challenging

    Darkmoon Realm is free and online with several in-game purchases that are unnecessary to make the game progress. The tutorial will walk you through practically every step-- completely literally. The battle system is automatic; your character runs around the screen, defeating minor enemies to collect...

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