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  • Star Doll Tutorial for Akinator game

    The Akinator game is a popular online game and mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to guess the name of a real or fictional character that the player is thinking of by asking a series of questions. To get started with Akinator, you can visit the official website or download the app on your...

  • Star Doll What is Akinator and what is it about

    Akinator is a game where a robot gives u tons of questions and u have to try and answer the questions and u have to make the robot guess what you are thinking of. Akinator is a popular game made by a company located in France called Elokence. Akinator is very good at guessing and any 3 modes u pick...

  • Star Doll How akinator works?!

    Akinator has been around for years and has attained a popularity boost in recent days. Facebook and Twitter users have shared it thousands of times. In general, a whole new group of players has recently found out about Akinator’s magic powers. But how does Akinator work? In this article, we are goin...

  • Star Doll What is Akinator, Is it safe and Is it worth the hype?

    What is Akinator?Akinator is a game that guesses your mind because the main purpose of this game is to guess who and what we are thinking about whether its fictional or real-life (this is why many people enjoy using it). It will appear some options you can choose to pick base on your characters. How...

  • Star Doll Akinator pc review. Hit or miss?

    Akinator was released back in 2017 yet is still discussed and used over a decade later. It is a very simple yet addicting game that you can either download on mobile and pc respectively or simply play for free just by typing it in almost and any search engine. The premise and gameplay is simple as y...

  • Star Doll My reviews to Akinator!

    Akinator is such a really fun game to play! I mean like it can guess almost everything you have on your my mind!! Is it a person? Is it an animal? Who knows what you could think of!? Whatever it is Akinator can and will solve it! His accuracy is literally 95% over a 100? Its super cool to have a cpu...

  • Star Doll Akinator ,A random guess or a correct conclusion?

    So when i first tried Akinator I was blown away by the fact that he can literally guess any actor or famous character on my mind so I thought whats the technology behind Akinator ?Thats when I thought that it had something to do with an eye scanning technology ,why you ask,because when he asks you a...

  • Star Doll Akinator - The genie that can read your mind!

    Akinator, the computer game and mobile app that guesses the character youre thinking! An application that deserves to be tried at least once in your life! It will amaze you! Probably it will seem a bit exaggerated to such an high evaluation for an application that is nothing more than a pastime with...