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Is SAO Legends worth your time?

Yes, I think SAO Legends is worth your time, it is a very fun MMO that you don't even need to download! The graphics look nice, the game play is fun and each fight feels different from the rest! At the beginning you have multiple different classes to choose from so you can choose how you want to fight. Many people play this game so you will never be lonely! There are so many things to earn and buy that it makes me want to play more and more, I can't get enough of this game! The characters look cool and so do the enemies! The quests are fun and there are so many of them that you won't get bored ever. There is even an "auto battle" setting so if you need to do something the game will play for you! You can collect "mounts" that make you look really cool when you are walking around the map, you can even upgrade the mounts so they look even cooler! I really enjoy playing this game, and I think you will too. You should give it a try, I promise you will enjoy your time!
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After playing it for even longer I realized that this game is even better than I stated above. I like this game better than a lot of games I have payed for. This is a solid game and I think all SAO games should be like this. This game reminds me of the anime a lot, and that is one of it's strong suites. Games like Naruto Shiddupen and Dragon ball Xenoverse also remind me of the anime but this game is spot on. Another thing I really like about this game are the special abilities you can collect, I only have two so far but I am really excited to collect more. The abilities look awesome when you use them and they feel satisfying to use. A funny thing in this game is that the other party member is called a girl friend. I thought that was amusing when I first saw that but it''s actually a pretty cool thing to do, it makes this game different from other MMOs.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This game has many different types of armor which is nice, I like armor in video games. But you can also collect and upgrade wings! I like how this game has many things that are different from other games, it really makes this game unique.

Lastly I'd like to talk about the pet system in this game, there are two different people that can help you fight. Your girlfriend and your pet, the girlfriend thing is cool, but the pet system is awesome! The first one you get is called a "Cute Dragon" but there are seven more you can collect and upgrade! They are all super cool and can aid you in battle.

After all of this playing I finally made up my mind, up there I said it was a 7.5/10 but after playing even more I realized this game is better when you are farther into the game. Starting the game up is a 7.5/10 but when you are into the game and have neat items i'd have to say it is a 9/10. I really like this game and it's community.
Have fun!!!
5.0 (1)
Author eggowaffles
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