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One of the best to earn bananas on Banantic

This game is an online mmorpg filled with grind grind and more grind, plenty of quests, items, bonuses, levels, and for us banantic maniacs : Bananas!
Leveling up in this game is super easy, well for the quest that u need to achieve to get bananas on this site, the game is super friendly and literally does everything for you, you just click accept, receive, sit back and enjoy as you level and easily take out any obstacle in the way
The controls are easy enough and there is a lot, A LOT of extra items to power you through that u get for doing nothing, like completely free. It doesnt take long for the game to load and it sure as hell helps when chrome crashes.
However with any and every game problems definitely occur, just the main game screen when u start playing , 30% of it is filled with icons at the top it is impossible to see whats above you but in this review i want to focus more of a review to help those who are here for bananas
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The very start of the game is simple and straightforward and has a tutorial on every new action you encounter through levelling up, you don't really need to do much and once your into it you will see how easy it is and how you are just penetrating through each enemy and the amount of xp you get from it.
This is a trend that repeats itself a lot and honestly to get to lvl 60+ it only took me a good 5h or so , and i didnt even attempt to hard , nor was fatigued or encountered many problems
after level 50 , you will realise that , oh boy my levels not going much higher but do not fret after a couple of boss fights and side quests your new main quests will actually start giving you a lot more and before you know it your back on track with level although, it is slower then before but that is the name of the game we have to play so lets charge through it!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
And finally if u feel lost, underdeveloped and being unable to do main quests because of it do not fret!, ive encountered a problem about mid level 50 where i.e. i was lvl 54 but my main quests start from lvl 55+ and i had no other quests. I was clueless and the auto director didn't help much either however, go back to previous level and you can actually spend 10 min revisiting the bosses and levels before, fight them and actually get big chunks of experience which overall made my life easier, you dont need to be experienced, and the chat is friendly, the game helps you and you can simply enjoy the story it tells you and without realising boom your addicted and over lvl60+

I was able to achieve all of the quests on banantic in under a day getting 1k + bananas so its really worth it to go and do this as one of your methods of gaining bananas for whatever u want free
5.0 (1)
Author Minde
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