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how I feel/ think about Roblox.

I joined Roblox way back in the day I may be a adult now but I've been on and off of this game. my life pretty much revolved around it at one point when i was younger id wake up early just to play a little before school. and being a anti social child i never felt alone because the community was so inviting. day in and day out I'd be on the computer because it was easier to have friends. I learned there were kinds that also played Roblox. not being able to talk to people in real life this game helped me slowly helped me out of my shell. I don't think I would be the man I am today with out this game ever being in my life. yes this has changed a lot seance it started but i still look at it with love because it was there for me when no one was. there are times i wish it was back to being simple but the passed is the passed.
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I have a steam with 300 + games but Roblox has more community than the steam work shop Roblox is built around the community. seance the beginning of Roblox they always appealed to the people to gain interest and keep up with the times. now and then i peek in and see where it has go it some times it is sower but the community runs the games so it can shift in any direction. I love anime and roblox community accepts us anime lovers with awesome content creators that know how to script give animes the rpg's the so deserve with brilliant concepts. there is no end what roblox can do.and you don't need to spend money on this game to have a fun time. sadly the roblox went for more of a money root by taking away the tickets but other from there greed there still allow free to play and that is always a plus.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
from games to cloths yes Roblox my provide but the real content creators is the community. with so many accounts that make games it inspires the future engineers or game creates of our future. sadly to make close you need to buy a monthly of bi monthly subscription to builders club but game creation is complacently free and they operate on there own software. the community gives this game life and for how old this game is its really cool i may be 18 but i know there kids that play this game and I'm 2x there age and I can say back in my day. to think about it my account is older than most of the kids that play on this web site now. I'd say good job Roblox by keeping up with the times but boo by bending to there wem i love you Roblox you were my child hood but its just not the same anymore
-rating 7/10
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